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  Bulldog Barzini vs. 2-Fine Devine

New and improved Bodybuilder Barzini

Bulldog's arm bar pec claw

Bulldog down for the count?

Another rookie bulldogged?

Bodybuilder Rookie-wrecking

"Hey, prettyboy," Bulldog barks. "Ready for an ass kicking?" But when he opens his attack focusing on Devine's arm, it's obvious Bulldog's been expanding his arsenal. A trained indy wrestler, Devine manages to counter the arm assault with one of his own, repeatedly flipping the big man off his feet. But Bulldog's bite is much worse than his bark--he reverses a slingshot into the corner, plants the rookie on the top turnbuckle, flips him off with a joint-wrenching arm drag, and debuts a new hold: a spinning, over the shoulder hammerlock! One fall and 2-Fine's in no shape to continue, but Bulldog's bucking for top dog status in the BGE kennel. In a sneering, surprisingly sleazy display of contempt, Bulldog retrieves 2 Fine's towel, uses it to wipe the sweat from his armpits and balls and smears it over the shocked rookie's face! "I hate you fucking prettyboy bitches!" Bulldog rants after repeatedly snapmaring the rookie. Boots to gut, pec chops, running powerslams and mock pins, Bulldog may be the most dangerous wrestler on the BGE roster. A brutal beating.

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Bulldog Barzini vs. 2-Fine Devine
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Torturous back-bending rack

A fine armbar

Fresh talent '2-Fine Devine'

Back-breaking choke

Picture-perfect flying elbow

2-FIne not looking too fine

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