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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Denny Cartier

Jonny works his headscissors

Jonny cross body lifts Denny

Denny about to meet the wall

Punishing Denny's back

Neck crunching camel clutch

Feeling the desperation, Firestorm consults his bag of dirty tricks and wallops Denny with a cheap shot. The angered guest butts Jonny's chest like a bull before lifting him up to slam him hard to the mat. Denny applies a perfect banana split legspread eliciting a screaming submission from the Firestorm. Jonny retaliates by using Denny's singlet strap to throttle his erstwhile sparring partner. After Jonny uses a few more cheap shots to escape Denny's legitimate holds he completely steps over the amatuer line by pounding every inch of Denny's exposed sweaty muscle. The Fireplug scores a head-scissors and pounds Denny's back. The hunk counters by pinning Jonny down, targeting his pecs, biceps and quivering abs for well-deserved counter abuse.

Denny has refined technique, but Jonny resorts to whatever it takes to reverse or escape. Frustrated and angered, Denny responds with an overt chokehold of his own, inciting a deadly vengeful rage in Jonny. Equaly on fire, Denny yanks off Jonny's singlet, exposing his trademark bulging purple speedo underneath. Enraged, Jonny slams Denny into the wall, choking him with his own singlet, slapping his face and telling him he "loves it." Denny tries one last spladle, causing Jonny to resort to the dirtiest tactic, a debilitating cheap shot to the balls, signaling the turning point into Denny's downfall. Jonny's offensive becomes all the more sadistic, as the weakening hunk is subjected to ab-abuse, humiliating bully pins, a camel clutch, a humiliating singlet wedgie and a very revealing crunching cradle. When Jonny's mean, he's VERY mean. Get ready Montreal!

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Denny Cartier
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Denny confronts Jonny

Pretty? No. Effective? Very.

Sweaty Denny, 5'6, 155

This is NOT what Denny expected!

Demonstrating disdain for Denny

You get no points for this!

I don't think this is legal!

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