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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Ali Hoosayn  

Backbreaker over the knee

Big bad bodyslam

A suffocating sleeper

Armdragging the knuckle-dragger

Suffering under the giant

No Opponent Too Big or Too Tough!

Flush from his success in Montreal and with his OutGames medal in hand, Jonny hits the road again. En route home he stops off at an arena for a pro show, further demonstrating his mettle and versatility. In the darkened arena, the villainous-looking, comparatively giant Ali Hoosayn forebodingly awaits his young lightweight challenger. Dashing Jonny dashes down the aisle in his best babyface gear high-fiving his fans and basking in his popularity. After posing for the audience, Jonny confronts the Goliath, takes a mean sobering slap to the face. Hoosayn relentlessly pounds on the diminutive high-flyer, grounding and grinding him into the mat.

Despite his impressive aerials, Jonny repeatedly finds himself at the mercy of heinous, hated Hoosayn. Scooped, slammed and stomped, Hoosayn is intent on crushing this firecracker Firestorm. When Ali slams Jonny down over his knee for a backbreaker, things look dire for the young star. A follow-up sleeper has Jonny drifting down and out to the mat. Barely escaping a knock-out, Jonny is not out of the fire yet! Ali applies a punishing camel clutch and and seems to be toying with our hero. Every time Jonny tries to muscle his way free, Ali muscles him right back down. Jonny may have the huge size disadvantage, but right up to the very last second and surprise pin-fall, this one's a nail-biter. Classic heel vs babyface action!

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Ali Hoosayn
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