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  Gabriel Ross vs. Jared Curzon*

Gabriel Ross 5'4, 130

Jared's bulging quads

Welcome to Hotel HEAT!

I think you're ready to SUBMIT!

You're choice: A kiss or a choke?

Putting The HOT in Hotel!

These horny young Brit stallions erupt with a bang when host Gabriel opens the hotel room door to admit his eager opponent. Jared thrusts himself into the unsuspecting Gabriel, scooping the smaller kid by his armpits and driving him into the nearest wall for a dominating introductory kiss. Gabriel compensates for the height disadvantage by wrapping two thick jean-clad thighs around the attacker's waist to switch control, forcing Jared back to the bed. Gabriel asks the taller stud if he "gives yet," grabbing his chin for extra disgrace. After winning the first submission, Gabriel removes his tight t-shirt, revealing a smoothly chiseled bod and motions to help Jared do the same. The boys enjoy the strip-tease, peeling each other down to their respective undagear, and revealing their beautifully lean, proportionately exquisite bodies.

After stealthily peaking at Jared's jewels, Gabriel mocks his boxers and offers the stud something better: a tight pair of baby blue briefs, which he promptly uses to choke his surprised victim. Jared is on his guard now, as they circle each other like alpha dogs. He leaps forward, secures a big full nelson on Gabriel, forcing him onto his knees for the equalizing submission. After a momentary mid-match make-out, Jared orders the short cutie to remove his black socks, only to trick him into a wrenching head-scissors. Apparently we've got a case of two cocky young heelboys vying to dominate and debase the other, rumbling with the socks, tying on cheap chokeholds and ordering muffled submissions.

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Gabriel Ross vs. Jared Curzon*
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That's one use for a sock!

Butt humping full nelson

Jared Curzon, 5'10, 152

Tantalizing: Gabriel strips Jared

Gabriel's short but powerful legs

Jared has Gabriel's number

Gabriel gets carried away

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