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  Cameron Matthews & Paul Hudson vs. Nik Knox & Shayn Layne

Nik (front), Shayn (back)

The boys go surfing!

Cameron in trouble

Cameron double suplexed

Cameron caught in a camel

After their own epic battle, fresh-faced Paul Hudson and Cameron Matthews realized that their skills were so evenly and well-matched that teaming up was a natural next step. And BGEast was only too happy to oblige the youngsters with a pair of opponents. Paul and Cameron are first in the ring, wearing matching trunks showing off their boyish bubble butts and budding bodies. Both young men have ring and mat experience and live to wrestle, so both are eager to make a name for themselves as a tag team. Unfortunately, their first match is against Nik and Shayn, two older studs who like nothing better than to munch eager babyfaces for breakfast. The delight when they first lay eyes on their smaller, younger foes is obvious - they plan on nothing less then the outright destruction of their two babyfaced opponents, and teaching them a little ring lesson in respect. They laughingly agree to follow the rules - which doesn't bode well for the young guys. Paul starts first and the big Nik quickly grabs the advantage, muscling control. But Paul is quick and is able to escape and tag in Cameron before too much damage can be inflicted. But once Paul tags out, the two big guys immediately double team Cameron, and the rules go out the window as Shayn begins a beating on Cameron, trapping him in their corner, slamming Cameronís head into Nik's boot and the corner post. Paul's shouts to "Follow the rules!" only brings taunting laughter...

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Cameron Matthews & Paul Hudson vs. Nik Knox & Shayn Layne
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Paul and Cameron

Shayn stretches Cameron

Shayn ab-stretches Cameron

Cameron & Paul double teamed

Shayn works Paul's leg

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