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  Biff Farrell vs. Dolph Danner with Brice Moore  

Biff Farrell - 5'7", 190 lbs

Brice and Dolph work as one as they double stomp the pleading blond jock's abs

Biff clutches at his aching midsection as he's dragged back to his feet for more punishment

His big beautiful muscles bulging in high relief, Biff uses the ropes to bootchoke Brice

Poor pretty boy Biff Farrell double teamed: Claws abound as Dolph works the skull and Brice the gut

Hunky Biff about to go for a ride thanks to Dolph's snapmare

Choosy Heels Choose Biff

Biff Farrell has created quite a stir at BG East, especially among the up-and-coming bad boys. These days, everybody wants a piece of the straight-edge muscle jock with the bubble butt and high fade. Brice Moore, having recently tested his chops on Chet Chastain, has Biff in the crosshairs as Victim #2. Biff and Brice have similar builds, so the matchup promises to be stimulating. Brice brings his pal Dolph Danner along as combination coach and cheerleader. Dolph, however, may already have designs on the babyface du jour as well.

"Let's. Have. A Nice. Clean. Match." Smooth and handsome Brice offers his hand in a sportsmanlike gesture of respect. Biff reaches for it but finds Brice's boot in his midsection instead. Dolph lets out a supportive battle whoop as Brice drives Biff into a corner, but Dolph is more distraction than help, and Biff comes back rocking the whole ring, stomping Moore down to the canvas right quick.

Dolph decides this is a tag match and tugs off his pants. He calls a shaken and dazed Brice over to touch palms. Dolph enters and circles, revving up for a collar and elbow. Our golden boy confidently and offhandedly aims a side kick through the ropes and crumples a cowering Brice to the ring apron. Doubly infuriated, Danner attacks.

Pummeling Biff to the mat, Dolph hands him back to Brice, who churlishly slides over the man's chest and shoves his crotch right up to his chin, a sign of total domination before he bounces back to his feet. "I think we're close to decimating him," he announces. A little too soon, it turns out. Biff's elbow zeroes in on the back of the neck. "Let's go for a ride," says Biff, hauling Brice up on his shoulders and then tossing him like a Frisbee across the ring.

The two heels obviously had no notion of Farrell's power and fight. Seconds later, Biff stretches Moore across his shoulders in a backbreaker rack and gains an instantaneous tap-out. We've never seen a faster submission. Dolph swoops in on Farrell, and all pretense of a fair match, singles or tag, fly out the window. This is now an all-out two-on-one blitz!
Biff has never faced a tougher situation here at BG East. He's got weight and muscle over either one of these guys, but only slightly. Can he take on both of them at once? Determined to make Farrell their private "bitch boy," Dolph and Brice show no mercy. They hurl Biff into the corner for a string of stiff, stinging chops to the face and chest. All of a sudden, Biff lunges at them, for a few thrilling seconds busting them up but good, until Dolph locks fists together and clubs the back of his head.

What distinguishes this match from the majority of two-on-one matches is that the one is nearly evenly matched against the two. For the first half, Biff holds his own against these heels very much as if engaged in singles competition. By the midpoint, however, the barrage of physical abuses and unmanly humiliations begin to take a toll. Yet this is where the fight gets especially exciting. As exhaustion drains them, all three wrestlers are running on balls alone. Glowing with sweat, the bodies stay in staggering motion, exacting outrages and paybacks in strenuous struggles for control. And if the climactic last three minutes don't make you feel like there's a monkey in your pants, you really must not be paying attention!

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Biff Farrell vs. Dolph Danner with Brice Moore
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Biff gives just as good as he gets with a torture rack on Brice

Ebony and Ivory...

....working together in perfect harmony!

The Duo making sure their muscled babyface is still with them so the fun can continue

Fee Fi Fo Fum, this Giant is about to topple!

Dolph can't help but be impressed by Brice's wicked scissors

Brice Moore - 5'10, 170 lbs, and Dolph Danner - 6', 200 lbs

Tatted-up Dolph drains the fight from the big blond bombshell with a snug sleeper

Big Biff chokes on his own big biceps in Danner's double-arm jap-strangle

Dolph trashtalks Biff as he fades in Brice's super-tight rear naked choke

Not content with a two-to-one advantage, the pair goes dirty

Biff's balls make an excellent stepping stone to help Brice get to the top rope

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