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Welcome to our new and improved website. We have now made it easier than ever to access The Arena at BG East, our members area. PLUS you now have two new options when you buy on our site:

ARENA MEMBERS can now sign in, using your Arena membership account, when you purchase DVDs and videos. This will use your already-stored information from our secure database, including your credit card. You will be able to update your account record, and will also have the option to use a completely different credit card than the one used for your Arena Membership while you place your order.

CUSTOMERS WHO ARE NOT ARENA MEMBERS can create a CUSTOMER account with user name and password so you can return and not have to enter all your information again each time you order. You also always have the option of just ordering without creating a personal Customer Account, as before.

It's also easier to SEARCH the site than ever. When you type in a search word, such as a hold or wrestler name, you now get a list of every match, or every page where that word appears, so you can find your favorite things. We also now have an ADVANCED SEARCH feature, so you can find just the products with your favorite wrestler, or an exact phrase in all our products pages, like 'boston crab', or just all DVDs available.

DVDs and STREAMING VIDEO (including "Own To Arena")
In addition to DVDs, we now offer members of our ARENA membership site the option to purchase products for use during their active memberships using 'OWN-TO-ARENA' (OTA). For more information, see our ARENA FAQs. We also continue to offer Streaming Video of selected matches on The Arena. Arena members have access to this rental service, which is an additional charge per online match rental, at a discount and with many more options than on the main site (24 hours vs 7 day rentals, many more available rental VOD matches).

To use the online ordering system on this website your computer's web browser must support "cookies", and these cookies must be enabled. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that we use to track the items in your shopping cart. Our cookies do NOT ever identify you by your real name, your username, your email address, nor any other personal identifier.

Newer versions of Safari, Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer and AOL support cookies. If you are currently using an older browser, you may need to upgrade to a newer browser to order from our website. The Help portion of the toolbar on most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, or how to delete cookies after they are set.

The cookies used in our webstore are set to expire 24 hours after Greenwich Mean Time from when you last used the shopping cart. Therefore if you are located in the EST time zone, your cookies will expire 6 hours later.

Some AOL users who have used our site in the past may still have old cookies set that conflict with other users. If you are having continuing issues with your shopping cart, you should first try to remove the existing cookies on your browser.

Since the procedure for accessing AOL's Internet Settings is slightly different for each version of AOL, we recommend visiting AOL's Cookie Guide for more information on how to access your cookie settings. Once you've accessed the settings, you should see a "Delete Cookies" button in the dialog box which will remove any existing cookies from your AOL browser.

If you continue to have problems ordering you can also place your order by mail, fax, or email (see Contact Us).

The BGEast Website allows you to browse our selection of products and literature, and even view many of them in detail. Our latest catalogs are on-line with complete descriptions and color photos for your enjoyment. As our site matures, more and more titles will be available to you.

All titles may be purchased through our on-line ordering system at any time.

Our site is designed to sell our videos. We do not offer extensive numbers of free photos from each match, and we do not show frontal nudity on our site (but we give you more high-quality wrestling action shots than many pay and video sales sites). If the description and photos offered do not give you a good sense of the tapes or matches, try ordering our catalogs, which contain more photos (and nude ones for those tapes which contain nudity). Photosets from many of our matches are still for sale, but we are discontinuing them and those left in stock are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We do offer hundreds of photos, free for your viewing, on this site; however, they are copyrighted so write us for permission and caption/link information before using them in any way.

Selecting and purchasing products on the BGEast Website is easy. Simply click on the appropriate graphic or link next to the product you'd like to buy, and it will be added to your "shopping cart." This action in NO WAY requires you to buy the item you've selected.

At any time, you may view your cart by pressing "VIEW CART". This option allows you to change any and all options for your choices, as well as delete any you do not wish to buy. When you have finalized your selection(s), you can press "Checkout" and proceed to the actual purchasing screens.

Note: AOL and WEBTV browsers will often add items that you did not choose. See "AOL AND WEBTV USERS" above.

The BGEast website features a variety of on-line ordering options. These include:
  • Order Printing -- The site generates a form that you can print on your printer, throw in an envelope with a check, money order, or cash, and mail to us at BGEast. Your order will be shipped upon receipt of your check.
  • Credit Card -- Using our state-of-the-art secure server, you can input your credit card number, and we will verify the charge while you wait. Your order will be shipped upon verification.

The BGEast website ordering system uses Netscape's Secure Socket Layer, which means every piece of information you provide to us is encrypted at the browser level and decoded on our server. This is the highest level of security available on the World Wide Web.

We do not offer returns on videos unless the tape is defective or was damaged in shipping. (Read descriptions carefully, or try our Samplers first!)

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