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Private Bouts 101-104  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Private Bouts 105-108  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Clint Morgan vs. Jason Ward
Dark Rogers vs. Flyboy
Carlos Garcia vs. Cowboy Billy


Private Bouts 109-112  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Private Bouts 113-116  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Bass Wallace vs. Jason Ward
Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. PJ
Chuck 'Tiger' Collins vs. Terry Talbert
Dark Rogers vs. Justin Fiori

Private Bouts 117-120*  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Private Bouts 121-124  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Private Bouts 125-128*  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Private Bouts 129-132*  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Private Bouts 50-53  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Tommy Lopez vs. Marc Silver  (WATCH VOD! )
Andy Bailey vs. Thom Katt
Matt Carlton vs. PJ

Private Bouts 54-57  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Chuck Collins vs. TNT
Bruiser Bronson vs. Bob Powers
Scott Rogers vs. Chase  (WATCH VOD! )

Private Bouts 58-61  (Catalog 24)$44.00

PJ vs. Scott Rogers
Matt Carlton vs. Tim Anderson
Andy Bailey vs. Skip Malibu
Kid Leopard vs. John Jay

Private Bouts 62-65  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Chuck Collins vs. Scott Rogers
TNT vs. Terry Talbert
Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Bobby Powers

Private Bouts 66-68*  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Jason Ward vs. Johnny Dean
Cary Peterson vs. Tony Shaw


Private Bouts 69-72  (Catalog 24)$44.00

John Jay vs. Scott Rogers
PJ vs. Jason Ward
Andy Bailey vs. Terry Talbert

Private Bouts 73-76  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Johnny Dean vs. Tony Shaw
Chuck Collins vs. Keith Sullivan
Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Billyboy

Private Bouts 77-80  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Clint Morgan vs. Mark Hunter
Matt Carlton vs. TNT
Bass Wallace vs. Keith Sullivan

Private Bouts 81-84  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Private Bouts 85-88  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Clint Morgan vs. Matt Carlton
Chuck Collins vs. Ken Mason
Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Mark Hunter  (WATCH VOD! )
Dark Rogers vs. Billyboy

Private Bouts 89-92  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Private Bouts 93-96  (Catalog 24)$44.00

Clint Morgan vs. Billyboy
Bryan vs. TNT
Bass Wallace vs. Terry Talbert

Private Bouts 97-100  (Catalog 24)$34.00

Private Bouts 1-4*  (Catalog 16)$44.00

Randy Roberts vs. Chuck 'Tiger' Collins  (WATCH VOD! )
Kid Leopard vs. Randy Roberts
Andy Bailey vs. Tiger Collins
Kid Leopard vs. Sailor Rob


Private Bouts 16-18*  (Catalog 16)$44.00

Brian Baxter vs. Tim Anderson
Randy Roberts vs. Skip Malibu*  (WATCH VOD! )
Kid Leopard vs. Thom Katt

Private Bouts 19-22  (Catalog 16)$44.00

Troy Andrews vs. Tim Anderson  (WATCH VOD! )
Thom Katt vs. Troy Andrews
Thom Katt vs. Tim Anderson  (WATCH VOD! )
Tommy Lopez vs. Scott Rogers


Private Bouts 23-26  (Catalog 16)$44.00

Kid Leopard vs. Davey O
Andy Bailey vs. Matt Carlton
Persian Boy vs. Randy Roberts
Dakota vs. David Dabello

Private Bouts 27-31*  (Catalog 16)$44.00

Private Bouts 32-36  (Catalog 16)$44.00

Nick Stracko vs. Kent Madison
Rick Scorpion vs. Randy Roberts
PJ vs. Russ Graham
Brian Baxter vs. Scott Rogers  (WATCH VOD! )

Private Bouts 42-45  (Catalog 16)$44.00

Scott Rogers & Matt Carlton vs. Bruiser Bronson & Randy Roberts
Chase vs. Tim Anderson
John Jay vs. Andy Bailey

Private Bouts 46-49  (Catalog 16)$44.00

Matt Carlton vs. Scott Rogers
Butch Graham vs. Cary Peterson
Kid Leopard & Raw Deal vs. Chuck Collins & TNT


Private Bouts 12-15*  (Catalog 8)$34.00

Private Bouts 8-11  (Catalog 9)$34.00

Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Fallen Angel (Matt Carlton)  (WATCH VOD! )
Butch Graham vs. Andy Bailey  (WATCH VOD! )
Dakota vs. Shane Michaels  (WATCH VOD! )
TJ Swan vs. Matt Carlton

Related Products from Other Series:

Private Bouts Sampler 2*  (Catalog 24)$25.00

Covers rest of the Private Bouts series; great clips from bouts 50-132.

* Matches/Products marked with an asterisk contain nudity. See our catalogs or join The Arena for nude photos.

Rent and watch these Private Bouts videos today on your computer!
(Red = Arena members only)

Private Bouts 117-120

(Available on The Arena)
Dark Rogers vs. Jason Ward*
35 minutes

Private Bouts 117-120

(Available on The Arena)
Kurt Eriksen vs. Jim Howard
29 minutes

Private Bouts 117-120

(Available on The Arena)
Chuck 'Tiger' Collins vs. Cruze
38 minutes

Private Bouts 12-15

(Available on The Arena)
California Ripper vs. Jon-Boy Tyler*
24 minutes

Private Bouts 12-15

(Available on The Arena)
Matt Carlton vs. Butch Graham
30 minutes

Private Bouts 27-31

(Available on The Arena)
Brian Baxter vs. California Ripper
22 minutes

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Florida Fights 4

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Bobby Horton vs. Jobe Zander
42 minutes

L.A. Three Way

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David McGrady vs. Marc Matthews 1 Shawn Westland
58 minutes

Motel Madness 10

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Raven vs. Jeremy Burk*
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Motel Madness 5: Sleepers in Atlanta

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Lance Jeffers vs. Thom Wyatt
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Philly Fights 1

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Rick Gillette vs. Maxx Danno
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X-Fights 23

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Shane McCall vs. Jeff Jordan*
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X-Fights 38

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Skip Vance vs. Steven Ponce*
25 minutes

X-Fights UK 5

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Ty Garrison vs. Ethan Pryor*
36 minutes

BG East in Paris 1 & 2

(Available on The Arena)
Marc Menard vs. Dominic D'Arquette 1 LeMasque
54 minutes

BG East in Paris 1 & 2

(Available on The Arena)
Guy Marcel vs. LeMasque
35 minutes

Big 'n' Beefy 1

(Available on The Arena)
Rick Samson vs. Matt Reid*
52 minutes

Big 'n' Beefy 2

(Available on The Arena)
Corey Hayden vs. Rick Samson
35 minutes

Big 'n' Beefy 2

(Available on The Arena)
Matt Reid vs. Jay Landis
37 minutes

Big 'n' Beefy 3

(Available on The Arena)
Bulldog Barzini vs. Tim Walton
25 minutes

Big 'n' Beefy 3

(Available on The Arena)
Shane McCall vs. Powergunz
36 minutes

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