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  Dark Rogers vs. Bass Wallace

Dark wraps up Bass

A camel-clutch by Bass

A double leglock

Crotch to chest leg-split

....and suspended bodyscissors

While Dark is toying with a pair of sweaty blue trunks, Bass enters, surprised at the presence of Rogers. "What the hell are YOU doing here?" he inquires. "You see, there was this little problem with your scheduled opponent. Rogers offer/challenge for both a bout and a tag team partnership. After being manhandled and mauled for several minutes Dark concedes. Bass responds by straddling Dark's. Both wrestlers fight barefoot and are evenly matched in height, weight and experience. Bass wears a sexy yellow bikini and Rogers wears a shiny light blue-green pair of trunk. They fit him like a second skin and show off his muscular butt and ample crotch in great detail. And when Bass?s trunks become soaked with their sweat, it produces the same sexy effect: A trunk-watchers field day! Rogers double knee drops Bass' shoulders and sits on Wallace's face. But not for long. Bass reverses the hold and comes up with a phenomenal submission hold tautly displaying Dark's new muscularity to considerable and pleasing effect. Bass takes the first fall. This is a great match featuring rough and erotic, sweaty and sexy mat action between two of the very best of BG East's lightweight wrestlers - with a cock-biting finish.

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Dark Rogers vs. Bass Wallace
22 minutes
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A stomach claw by Dark.....

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Bass' bodysissors.....

Dark turns a nice view

Bass cranks a reverse crab

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