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Welcome to BG East Wrestling! Where WRESTLING always comes first! We offer unparalleled variety in types of wrestlers and styles of wrestling! Much imitated, but never equalled, BG East is your source for erotic, varied, quality wrestling action. See below for a list of our different series and answers to commonly asked questions. And enjoy!

Topics are organized in the following sections:

Using Our Sites

1. Can I WATCH your videos now? What is the difference between and TheArena at Why become a member?

We offer a variety of ways to enjoy our wrestling videos images and videos.

Over 1900 matches are available for streaming at ANY TIME -- no membership necessary! Members can rent their streaming VODs at a major discount (renting just 3 VODs as a non-member would pay for a monthly membership, but longer-term memberships pay for themselves even sooner!). See below for the many other advantages of ARENA membership.

DVDs or OTA STREAMS (forever)
You can also buy our full-product DVDs on the main (free) site "". Own any of our full-products in the cloud, using our streaming "Own To Arena" (OTA) option, by joining our MEMBERSHIP AREA, The Arena at BG East. We offer all new full-products as both DVDs and OTAs, and all the matches on these products can be rented as streaming VODs with prices based on your membership status. OTAs can only be viewed while your membership is active, but you can leave and come back at any time and the OTA you bought will be there waiting for you. We now also offer OTA-Matches, which are of single matches rather than entire 2-4 match products, making their prices lower.

The Arena at contains not just thousands of high-quality photos, videos, and VODs, which respond to your screen or window sizes, but OTAs and discounts on all your VODs. Everything is organized into searchable galleries with different viewing modes: by BG East product, by wrestler, or by holds or particular special interest, from 'Muscle' to 'Gear types' to 'Hard Ons'. The Arena has all the nude and erotic images that are not on our free site. You can find out more using our Tour, or Join The Arena using the links, or the "Jump To..." drop-down menu on every page of

On The Arena, there are thousands of free, non-sexual images on our main (free) site, and also tens of thousands of hot wrestling images including erotic, sexy images not shown on the main site. There are also free video clips from many of our products, a 'free VOD for the week' each week, many other free and reduced price VODs including video compilations of certain holds, and exclusive matches.

The Arena also has hundreds of free video clips, each about 4 minutes long, from various BGEast products (which require Flash or Quicktime players on your browser but these are free video players). A Free VOD for the Week is also offered from our hundreds of matches, each week. OTA-Matches are also now available.

VODs rent for 24 hours viewing from time when a given match is purchased, so you can watch them as many times as you like during that 24 hour period, and jump around easily. Each VOD is an entire match, so that you sometimes get a very long match and you aren't paying 'by the minute.' We want you to enjoy all the action and the story it tells!

In addition, Arena members have the options to rent for 7 days, for the same price as a 24 hour rental on the free site. Those who enjoy renting frequently can get further discounts by buying their rental fees IN BULK using the 'VOD-Tokens' we sell in various denominations. Like discounted dollars, they allow easy access to the Videos on Demand matches, as well as access to exclusive VODs edited together focusing on special holds clips, rare or exclusive matches not available elsewhere, and other special clip options and Sales!

Arena members also get special discounts on particular OTAs, DVDs. We always preview products via photo galleries as well.

Some are available on but for the best selection and lowest prices, Join our member area, 'The Arena,' to get the full BG East Wrestling experience.

History and Principles

1. What is 'BG East Wrestling'?

BG East started as the principal producer for BG Enterprise, the original gay-oriented wrestling company, back in 1980. As a separate company, we continue the 30+ year tradition of wrestling quality. We produced now classic series like Private Bouts, Tennyson, X-Fights, & Fantasymen. These and our dozens of hot new series are based, first and foremost, on a love of WRESTLING! We at BGEast are a cooperative of wrestlers: wrestlers in front of the cameras, wrestlers behind the cameras, wrestlers filling your orders and helping you watch our streaming video matches. Because we are committed to producing wrestling with integrity, the best wrestlers work for BGEast: GayGames medalists, former amateur champs, coaches, and talented pros. We offer the most varied wrestling products on the market today, with the best action and the widest variety of wrestlers and wrestling styles.

(Reminder: We are a separate company from BG Enterprise. All of our products with a few exceptions are listed on this website. If a "BG" product you heard about is not here, it is probably a BG Enterprise product. The "BG" refers to a style of underground erotic wrestling pioneered by the two companies' founders.)

BGEast is, and always will be, about wrestling. We're a small company of wrestlers doing what we love most and doing it as best we can. The emphasis is on new talent, athletes and great physiques of all body types. Just the best wrestling and hottest wrestlers we can find. We thank our longtime wrestlers and fans for your support!

Buying Products

1. How can I buy your products online, and can I resell or use them on my website? How long are they?

Almost all of our hot wrestling Products can be purchased online on our website as DVDs, or via streaming videos here or on our members area, The Arena at (rental VODs or full product Own-To-Arena Library access).

Credit cards are accepted for online purchases, and will be billed in US Dollars converted by your credit card company to the currency of your home country. The charge on your credit card bill will appear as New Pro Wrestling on your credit card statement.

See HELP for info on the shopping cart, using optional Arena or Customer IDs, shipping questions, and for other purchase options. You may email us with questions too (

You may also subscribe to our mailing list to receive print catalogs (which contain nude photos) from time to time. You must send a signed statement that you are over 18 before ordering a subscription; subscriptions are available free with any online purchase.

Keep in mind that all purchasers must warrant and agree to important legal statements when they proceed to purchase our materials: that they are over 18 years old, are able to buy these products where they live, and that they will not resell the products or share them in any media (it is illegal to do so)!

'NOT FOR RESALE' means when you buy the product you warrant that it's for your own personal private use and you will not resell or broadcast it in any way. This includes captures: we provide thousands of free images on the site and on our membership site, The ARENA at BG East, which can be used with emailed permission from us. We are a small business, and cannot stay in business if the images we produce are heavily trafficked or given away on the web.

Most of our materials are copyrighted and violators will be prosecuted. Please contact us if you have any questions as to what this means or wish to post some of the images from on your website. Write us for permission and caption/link information before using any copyrighted image (all our images are copyrighted).

Most of our video Products run from 30 minutes to 120 minutes, depending on how many matches or 'fights' appear on the tape/DVD/Own-To-Arena Product. The pricing reflects this, though we have frequent sales that lower the prices of certain Products and series (product lines).

Our video production is of high quality, but those products with low catalog numbers may be from older masters and technologies and suffer some color fading. Anything after Catalog 11 is in great condition. Before 2008 most are filmed and presented in 4:3 aspect ratio. Recent matches can be in HD video, and most after Catalog 40 were filmed in very good "Standard Definition" digital video at the very least.

For our latest releases, detailed descriptions of each fight describe the action on the match. We list much of our back catalog of hot BG East productions under the series headings in the menu bars below (or see the series list on this menu bar). Some of the very oldest products are not yet available in DVD format but may be available as Video On Demand streams on our ARENA membership site. There are also compilations of clips of particular holds taken from various BG East matches available as DVD-R's, and other compilations of holds available as exclusive VODs on the Arena.

We do not show frontal nudity on our main website, If the description and photos offered do not give you a good sense of the match, try joining The Arena at BG for photos including nudity when that occurs in the matches (note, any match containing frontal nudity has an asterisk next to it on the main website, as well as a flashing notice on all the matches of the product that the full product does contain some nudity. Nudity does not always mean sexual activity, so read carefully and contact our office if you are unsure.)

If you have problems with ordering on this site, see our HELP page.

Video and DVD Formats

1. What are the formats you offer? Streaming VOD? DVD? OTA??

The DVDs we sell are DVD-R versions of most of our full Products. (Some older products are still only available in VHS format; VHS versions of newer DVDs can be purchased; please contact our office for more information). DVD-R versions come in cases with color sleeves.

ALL PRODUCTS ARE EXPLICITLY NOT FOR RESALE: this means when you buy the product you warrant that it's for your own personal use and you will not resell or broadcast or share any of it in any way. Violators will be prosecuted. Please write for small sample 'fair use' permission or if you have any questions as to what this means. We are a small company serving a small community, despite any appearances to the contrary, and piracy and sharing of material will make it impossible to continue to provide the quality that we think our wrestling fan community deserves.

Many of our matches are also available as Video On Demand pay per view rentals. You can rent a sampling of the hundreds of VOD matches on, but for the fullest selection and better pricing, join The Arena at BG, our membership area.

The website indicates which matches are available as VODs on the Arena. The matches are available for rental streaming only, they cannot be downloaded. The streaming technology is standard and uses Adobe Flash, a free add-on to your browser (links to Adobe are automatically provided if your browser needs them). Rentals are 24 hours from the moment of purchase, or 7 days from moment of purchase (168 hours), depending on the price you have decided to pay.

Starting in late 2015 some of BG East's full products, sometimes consisting of multiple matches, will be available NOT ONLY as DVDs, but also on our new OWN TO ARENA system (OTA). Arena members can, as a benefit of membership, purchase full BG East products to their new Arena "Own To Arena Library" and stream them any time, whenever their memberships are active. These streams have the same format as our VODs. See separate FAQ about OTAs for more detailed information.

Our streaming system will work on most mobile devices.
To get the most up to date version of the Flash player go to this website:

(NOTE: At this time all our DVDs are in DVD-R format, which means they are NOT coded for regions and should play on all DVD players, as well as in all computers--check your computer for compatibility with DVD-R's, which are standard on almost all computers).

Streaming Video

1. What is this new service you are offering with Catalog 109.3's products, and do I have to be a member of Arena to get it?

Starting in late 2015 BG East's full products, sometimes consisting of multiple matches, will be available NOT ONLY on DVD, but also on our new OWN TO ARENA system (OTA). You must be a member of Arena to purchase and access this service.

Arena members can now purchase certain full BG East products to their new Arena "Own To Arena Library" and stream them any time, whenever their memberships are active. THIS MEANS THAT IN ORDER TO HAVE ACCESS TO THIS NEW OPTION, YOU MUST JOIN OUR MEMBERSHIP AREA, "The Arena at BG East", which offers memberships of 30, 90, and 365 days. Current members will be able to buy OTAs immediately to add to their membership Libraries. Other benefits of membership can be found here.

The OTAs that you purchase are associated with the USERNAME of our Arena membership account, so that if you ever cancel your membership, once it expires you will NOT have access to the OTAs UNTIL you RE-JOIN the Arena USING THAT SAME USERNAME.

You agree when buying an OTA that you only own this product's stream as a benefit of an active membership. This is an exclusive service for Arena members.

If you decide to cancel (and thereby suspend) your membership for any length of time, just re-join the Arena using the same Username (customer account associated with you), and your OTAs will be there in your OTA Library as before.

The right of that username, when it is an ACTIVE member of The Arena, to access those OTAs will never go away. This is an Arena member benefit associated with your name/account. Just like access to most of our rental VODs is only available to active Arena members, access to any purchased Own To Arena products is also dependent on active membership. This is a lot like the Netflix system, and cable companies' 'digital download movies' in terms of requiring membership/subscription for access.

If you have any questions --or issues when rejoining The Arena after a period of inactivity-- please contact our office at and we will be happy to assist you!

2. The Video On Demand I bought on the main site will not start playing when I click on it! Why?

On a pad or portable device, this is because you must push the play button on the video to make it start playback. Some phones will do autostart and some will not.

On a computer, playback should start automatically except there is a problem that may happen with Apple's Safari browser, since Apple changed the playback defaults on this browser in late 2017.

Safari will no longer start playback of videos automatically. You can either push the play button under the video screen to make it start, or you can change the Safari Preferences under the Websites tab of Preferences, the AUTOPLAY section. When you see under autoplay, change the setting to
“Allow all auto-play” and from then on you won’t have to tell Safari to play the video.

Videos do playback automatically using PC browsers and using Chrome and Firefox on PC computers or Apple computers. If you don't want to change your settings, you can download either of these two browsers for free and use them with our websites!


BGEast Series Explained

1. What are all the series about? How do I find the kind of wrestling I want?

As part of our commitment to variety, BG East offers dozens of different series of tapes, each with its own wrestling rules and identity. The series icons at the bottom of each page on our site allow you to see a list of each series. Usually the numbering of series of products indicates the order in which the matches took place. In some series, a storyline is developed from previous numbers of the series, but this is unusual and all our products can stand alone.

Here's a quick guide to what each of our series is about:

Three decades of BG East wrestling vids, in alphabetical order by series (see Misc. for other tapes)! Each DVD lists the matches on it, whether the DVD as a whole contains nudity (**NOTE: some tapes in these series contain nudity! Not every match on a "**" tape has nudity), prices & where to find more information/photos in catalogs still in print. Our many public Pro and Amateur wrestling and 'Holds' compilation DVDs are described in our catalogs only (most not available on the web). No product is ever completely discontinued.

AROUND THE WORLD* - London, New York, LA, & back: maximum variety
BG East LIVE - Our own special live shows with mats or rings in bars or clubs!
BRITBOUTS* - Private matches in the UK: sometimes erotic, always intense.
DARK KNIGHTS* - In leather or nude, Masters dominate/humiliate their prey
DEMOLITION* - Mismatchs where one guy gets totally squashed, or worse!
FANTASYMEN - Stunning super-hunks battle on the mat or in the ring. Wow!
GAZEBO GRAPPLERS* - Various grapplers wrestle outdoors in a gazebo
GUTBASH* - Ripped abs get pounded, stomped, clawed, stretched, HURT!
HARD PROS* - Musclehunks in pro action, with hard-ons by the end. Hot!
HUNKBASH* - Ripped physiques get tortured and displayed as they suffer!
JOBBERPALOOZER - Ultimate cuteboy 'jobbers' get battered in ring action
KID LEOPARD* - The 'Master of Submission' victimizes his wrestling prey!
MATMEN* - Sexy dudes, various weight classes, in submission mat action!
MAT HUNKS - Our most talented wrestlehunks hit the mat. Muscle & action.
MISC. - Backyard Brawls, Leather,Boxing, body types, 3ways, theme tapes
MOTEL MADNESS* - Sexy private matches in hotel rooms around the world.
MUSCLE SHOWCASE* - Wrestlers pose, flex, strip from gear, even jerk off!
PRIVATE BOUTS* - Basement fights that started it all! Max.variety! Classics!
PARADISE OIL WRESTLING - Sexy hunks in g-strings in live club action!
PROS IN PRIVATE - Hunky pro wrestlers, all sizes, in private ring action.
RINGWARS* - Lighter weight pros in spectacular ring action, very hot'n'sexy!
RAUNCHY 'RESTLING* - Ruff'n'Raunchy, Squared Circle, Raunchy Rookies
SAMPLERS* - Special sale tapes with clips from various series. Great Intros!
SEXY SHOWDOWN* - Long, sexy private matches with intense eroticism
SUBMISSIONS* - All-out wrestling: 3 screaming submissions in a row to win!
SUPER BOUTS* - Classic matches of Kid Leopard, 'Master of Submission'!
SUPER HERO HEELS* - Masked super-heros face their ultimate challenge
TAG TEAM TORTURE* - Teams & 2-on-1 battles with double teaming torture
TEXAS SHOOT-OUT* - Texas studs in jeans and out: rasslin & j/o's! Yahoo!
ULTRAFIGHTS* - Our toughest competitors go all out for long intense battles
ULTRA HEELS* - Our meanest bad guys (heels) wipe out ring opponents.
UNDAGEAR* - Sexy guys wrestle in underwear, jockstraps, nothing at all!
WRESTLESHACK* - Rough-house wrestling, often nude & erotic, in a shed!
X-FIGHTS* - The classic Sexfights: wrestling to emission! BGEast did it first!

Nudity and Erotic Content

1. Which product have nudity and erotic content? Which do not?

Most of our products do NOT contain nudity or sex. Some are erotic, with or without nudity. Our main focus is on wrestling. There are matches which might be considered 'very erotic' by one person and not by another. We encourage fans of muscled wrestlers to read our product pages to sort through the huge variety of material we offer. (See Help for ideas on using our advanced SEARCH features to find what you are looking for).

If there is nudity in a match, this is indicated on the webpages here. We do not show frontal nudity on our free website, so just because no nude photos appear does not mean there is no nudity on a tape, although each match with nudity does contain a notice on the website and a flashing banner. Please read the descriptions and the notes on the product page carefully to find out what is on the DVD/VOD before you order it, OR join the Arena to see all photos and clips from products (where indicated).

We do not honor exchanges or returns based on disappointment with materials purchased. This is why we have the most extensive online product descriptions of any wrestling-oriented site.

We have also set up the free site with its SEARCH features so you can do an 'advanced search' (top right of homepage) for 'nude' and for 'sexy' so you can find lists of just those products that are more 'erotic'. Just because one match on a tape contains nudity or erotic action does NOT mean that every match on this product does. Some wrestlers have never appeared nude even though they may appear on a tape with other matches where there is nudity. Most of the 'erotic material' consists of views of hard ons, jo's and frottage, with a very few exceptions. Please read the descriptions carefully.

We comply with the USC2257 government regulations for preventing child exploitation and pornography and are a member of the Free Speech Coalition. Any wrestlers who appear in 'sexual situations' are 18 years old or older. See compliance notice on every page.

If you have any questions, please contact BG East.

Becoming A Wrestler

1. How do I work for BG East as a new wrestler?

BG East is always looking for new wrestlers! If you are interested, send an email to with your stats and photo. BG East is an equal opportunity employer.

Meeting Wrestlers

1. Can I meet your wrestlers?

Many wrestlers who work for us wrestle recreationally. BG East is not in the business of providing contact information or arranging meetings with our wrestlers. There are some excellent online wrestler lists and chat rooms where some of our wrestlers frequently communicate: MeetFighters is one such site.

There are several Facebook, Instagram and yahoo groups devoted to BG East Wrestling as well.

Contact us at any time with your ideas and suggestions. We are a small company made up of wrestlers doing what we love. We value our reputation for top-notch customer service; your patience is appreciated!

All photos and videos we sell and all photos on this site are copyrighted materials. Permission is required for any use of our copyrighted images on websites whatsoever, or otherwise. Contact us at

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