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Super Hero Heels 7*  (Catalog 111)$24.95

Super Hero Heels 6*  (Catalog 55)$24.95

Super Hero Heels 5*  (Catalog 51)$29.00

Super Hero Heels 4*  (Catalog 47)$24.95

Super Hero Heels 2*  (Catalog 43)$24.95

Super Hero Heels 1*  (Catalog 39)$24.95

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Masked Mayhem 3  (Catalog 71)$49.00

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Masked Mayhem 1  (Catalog 64)$49.00

* Matches/Products marked with an asterisk contain nudity. See our catalogs or join The Arena for nude photos.

Rent and watch these Super Hero Heels videos today on your computer!
(Red = Arena members only)

Super Hero Heels 1

(Available on The Arena)
The Black Spider vs. El Mascarado Zamora*
52 minutes

Super Hero Heels 2

(Available on The Arena)
The Black Spider vs. Lord Lancelot*
52 minutes

Super Hero Heels 4

(Available on The Arena)
The Black Spider vs. The Dragonfly*
47 minutes

Super Hero Heels 5

(Available on The Arena)
The Black Spider vs. Blue Lightning
46 minutes

Super Hero Heels 5

(Available on The Arena)
The Black Spider vs. Archangel Ace*
01:09 minutes

Super Hero Heels 6

(Available on The Arena)
The Black Spider vs. Blue Hands*
01:08 minutes

Super Hero Heels 7

(Available on The Arena)
Dark Hammer vs. Azure Flame 1 Mind-Lock*
59 minutes

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Babyface Brawl 1

($10.00 for Arena Members)
Cameron Matthews vs. Alexi Adamov
39 minutes

Bodybuilder Beatdown 1

($10.00 for Arena Members)
Brute Baynard vs. Braden Charron 1 Brad Barnes
59 minutes

Catch Weight 2

($10.00 for Arena Members)
Brook Stetson vs. Skrapper
26 minutes

Catch Weight 3

($10.00 for Arena Members)
Billy Lodi vs. Rafe Sanchez*
44 minutes

Clobber the Jobber 1

($10.00 for Arena Members)
Brandon Aldrich vs. Vinny Trevino
35 minutes

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