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  Dark Hammer vs. Azure Flame vs. Mind-Lock*  

Dark Hammer - 5'9", 200 lbs

The Azure Flame - 6', 170 lbs

Mind-Lock evaluates the bodies of his immobilized victims

Mind-Lock enjoys strangling The Azure Flame who can't fight back

Dark Hammer feels Mind-Lock's boot trampling, but is helpless

Villainy victorious! The Azure Flame kneels, defeated and unmasked

A Supervillain's Toys in Tights: Subdued, Stripped, Soiled?

It's been a long day for The Azure Flame and Dark Hammer. Saving the world from their musclebound Rogues Gallery is never easy. Back in the ring, training, this crime-fighting Dynamic Duo are testing each other's mettle in a superpowered arm wrestling match! Evenly matched, though, and having been at this bicep battle for over an hour, they scarcely know that one of their most feared adversaries is lurking in their Sanctum: Mind-Lock, hiding in plain site, his powerful Psionic Scepter preventing the Duo from seeing the evil in their midst.

Tiring of the Heroes' epic friendly arm wrestling test, the diabolical Mind-Lock is ready to make his presence known. Standing before the Heroes, finally allowing them to see him, he uses his Psionic Scepter before they can leap into action. Completely dominating their will, he mentally bids the duo to rise. Flinging the full force of his mental might into the Heroes, they become his playthings. And oh, the fun he is going to have!

Bidding the duo to stand immobile, the sinister villain feels the captivated puppets' glorious muscles, muscles that have thwarted so many of his plans. Corrupting their heroic will, he commands The Azure Flame to stand before Dark Hammer, and with one simple command, "Choke", The Azure Flame finds himself squeezing his partner's neck with all his incredible strength! After thoroughly enjoying his control, he forces them to flex for his amusement.

Mind-Lock is not one to rely solely on his unrivaled mind. He enjoys using his own deliciously evil muscles to visit pain and suffering: keeping The Azure Flame immobilized, he ever so slowly begins to lock on a figure 4 leg lock. Paralyzed, The Azure Flame knows what pain awaits him, yet there is nothing he can do to prevent it! Finally, Mind-Lock pauses no more, and The Azure Flame feels the agony in his legs doubled, for Mind-Lock is using his power to amplify the pain receptors for both of his captivated prey!

Moving to Dark Hammer, Mind-Lock begins lobbing vicious gutbusting blows to the chiseled superhero, preventing any reaction or feeling. After raining destruction on the hero's midsection, with the mental command "Suffer!" he allows all of the pent-up pain to flood into the hero at once, nearly overwhelming the stalwart figure with soul-crushing pain! From across the ring, The Azure Flame can only look on in horror. Mind-Lock wants to hurt both at once, but his abilities are being stretched thin. So he goes back-and-forth, using his mental abilities to increase the pain that his full-nelsons, sleepers, and headscissors cause. Overwhelmed by his own lust and greed, as he diverts too much of his attention to Dark Hammer's magnificent body, The Azure Flame senses an opening. Seeing his partner at the villain's mercy, his hands groping Dark Hammer's hot muscles, The Azure Flame uses his rage to shatter Mind-Lock's mental immobilizing hold. Before Mind-Lock realizes what has happened, The Azure Flame has seized the Psionic Scepter!

With one flash of his heroic strength, The Azure Flame tosses the Psionic Scepter out of the ring, freeing the Dynamic Duo! Free of the villain's control, enraged by the violation of their minds and bodies, the heroes are more than ready to deliver justice as only they can! Working together, they power Mind-Lock into a bone-crushing double-bearhug. Continuing their teamwork, Dark Hammer locks on a boston crab as The Azure Flame smothers Mind-Lock's face in his superhero-package.

Mind-Lock should not be underestimated though, for even without his Psionic Scepter, he is still a formidable opponent. Using his reduced mind abilities, he implants the notion in his opponents' minds that they should release him to celebrate their victory. As they flex and bask in their win over evil, Mind-Lock scurries to where his Psionic Scepter was thrown and reclaims his power!

Re-focused now, Mind-Lock will not be caught unaware twice. Visiting intense, helpless pain upon the Super Duo, he moves to force them to become his sexual playthings as well! Mentally commanding them to strip, Mind-Lock realizes he has won, for no villain has seen what he is seeing! He will command them to perform acts that they have only ever performed together. They will stroke at his command! They will cum at his command! They are his forever more!

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Dark Hammer vs. Azure Flame vs. Mind-Lock*
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Freed from Mind-Lock's evil control, the heroes abuse their tormenter!

Good triumphant? The two heroes flex as the villain suffers on the mat

Mind-Lock enjoys torturing Dark Hammer's huge pecs with painful claws

A double super-bearhug subjugates the supervillain

Dark Hammer forced to strip his partner as Mind-Lock reasserts his control

Dark Hammer sleepers his partner, allowing Mind-Lock free reign for his nefarious plan...

Mind-Lock - 5'9", 220 lbs

Mind-Lock uses the power of his scepter to force 2 muscle slaves to flex

The evil powers of Mind-Lock turn the two muscled heroes against each other

Dark Hammer finds himself in a neck-crunching full nelson by the powerful villain

The Azure Flame watches himself helplessly in the mirror as Mind-Lock manipulates his kneeling muscl

Mind-Lock's hands wander as The Azure Flame is 'forced to flex'

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