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  Cybertron vs. Exavier

Quit Playing Games in My Ring

If you ever see Exavier coming toward you, look for the nearest exit! He's a thug who enjoys nothing more than beating up a smaller opponent. He may mask his predilection for punishment with flamboyant behavior but don't be fooled! He's got a mean streak a mile wide. So far, Frankie Flave and Johnny Firestorm have been victims of his bullying. The Masked Marauder taught him a lesson about picking on people your own size that didn't seem to sink in very deeply. "I can kick anyone's butt," he sneered after being handed a beating that would have humbled anyone else, "Marauder didn't do nothing but cheap shots and he ain't shown his ugly face round here since he's just some cheap muscle the boss brought in cuz I beat up his little favorite Jonny Firedork and the boy went cryin' to the boss. All I gotta say to that is NEXT!"

Enter sexy CyberTron, a lithe mop-topped youngster in a mask who doesn't seem to feel fear, certainly not from Exavier, which doesn't sit well with the mouthy stud. Exavier gets a little riled when CyberTron shows up in the ring during his posing routine and instantly challenges the masked man to a pose down. And what Exavier has in bulk CyberTron more than makes up for in proportionality and sensuality. This is one incredibly sexy masked man!

Midway through back-to-back matching double biceps pose, CyberTron steals a page from Exavier's Book of Dirty Tricks, slips his arms through Exavier's and backslides him down for a quick two count! "So you want to play games, huh?" Exavier snarls, and the battle is on. The hot shot takes it to Exavier with high flying hip-tosses and dropkicks, matching him hold for hold, in and out of the ring. When the flashy one comes back he punishes the masked boy with submission holds like a single leg nelson/armbar and a nasty side Indian deathlock. He also makes good use of that beuatiful long hair!

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