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  Muscle Mask vs. The Enforcer

MuscleMask: 5'11, 210

Brutal boston crab

Towering test of strength

Figure 4 head scissors

Mask vs Mask

Fans have been clamoring for more of the Enforcer since his fierce demolition of Brad Rochelle on CONTRACT 4, and it's easy to understand why. The combination of mystery (who is that masked man?), sadistic brutality and an impressively muscled body are hard to resist - but finding someone willing to step into the ring with the Enforcer? No easy task! Several wrestlers refused point blank - and then MuscleMask stepped up. "I'm not Brad Rochelle - The Enforcer is going down! There's room for only ONE masked superstar in BG East and that's ME!" MuscleMask's snug satin silver trunks cup his phenomenal butt and highlight his extraordinary physique. But the Enforcer is no ordinary wrestler and no one intimidates this masked stud. He struts in, gives MuscleMask a cold foreboding stare, and then hits a double bicep pose. Not intimidated, MuscleMask hits the pose himself. The challenge is ON as the two masked musclemen show off their sculpted physiques. The Enforcer challenges MuscleMask to a test of strength, the clashing of massive muscled chests resounding throughout the BG Arena. In an impressive display of power, both studs holds his own until a frustrated Enforcer launches a sneak attack with vicious kicks and elbows, leaving his opponent reeling and writhing on the mat. He follows up with some brutal stiff stomps to the back, and it looks like this is going to just be another stomach turning squash until MuscleMask responds with a mighty full nelson... Has The Enforcer finally met his match?

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Muscle Mask vs. The Enforcer
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Muscle mask to mask

The Enforcer: 5'11, 210

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Muscle Mask mauled

Camel clutch neck crank

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