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  Marauder vs. Exavier

Exavier, 5'9, 185

Surfboarding The Marauder

Exavier choked

Stunned with a stool

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew?

Cocky Exavier's mean streak impressed everyone at BGE in his debut match against Jonny Firestorm: "Bring it on!, I want the biggest and the baddest BG has to offer!", believing there's no one in the BG stable who can take him down. In his sheer beige trunks, his muscles rippling as he warms up, one can understand the attitude. He's tough, strong and well trained. Enter the Marauder, a big badass looking masked dude, in camo pants and black Fred Perry shirt, with the build of a rap star's bodyguard - an imposing sight that would chill anyone's blood. Exavier, though, isn't just anyone, and immediately starts popping off and shoving the big Marauder. The masked man is happy to shove back and smacks the young stud so hard he flies into the corner! Mr. Marauder is very obviously NOT a rookie! The Marauder shows no mercy. He moves in with kneedrives and stomps, tossing the young stud from pillar to post until Exavier, on his knees and backtracking fast, offers to shake hands and start over. The Marauder apparently is wise to that ploy and lands a low blow that sends the young stud crashing to the mat! The onslaught continues as the mystery bad-ass goes after Exavier's eyes, throat, hair and crotch, even peeling off his wrist tape to choke the rookie wannabe star. Marauder body slams and pinpoint elbow drops the young stud, grinds a boot into his balls, and blatantly chokes the punk. Withering under this intense attack, young Exavier looks little more than a practice dummy for the bigger man!

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Marauder vs. Exavier
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Back bending chin lock

Blatant marauding choke

Exavier reels on the ropes

Grinding Exavier's balls

Marauder The Merciless

Exavier suffers

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