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  Marauder vs. Exavier

Crotch spread single boston

Abdominal stretch by The Spider

Leg split and neck cranked

The Marauder's sleeper

Exavier takes advantage of a missed kneedrop, stunning the masked man with a bulldog headlock and exacts revenge for the punishment he's suffered. But the problem with being cocky, whether rookie or veteran, is that it often leads to over-confidence. Exavier learns that lesson the hard way, taking a big boot to the chin that sends him sprawling! The big bad beating is back on as The Marauder moves in for the kill. He slaps a sleeper on Exavier, but before the stud is completely out he lets him go and tortures him with more ball-bashing! The mysterious Marauder obviously knows his way around the ring and uses the ropes to choke Exavier and slams him headfirst into the turnbuckle over and over again. Not content with punishment alone, the big heel wedgies the pretty boy's trunks up his butt for some gratuitous humiliation. And he's still not done! The Marauder seems to have no interest in putting Exavier out of his misery - as he extends the sadistic torture for as long as it pleases him! Is the mystery man's goal to humble Exavier, or to end his wrestling career once and for all? Probably both!

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Marauder vs. Exavier
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Wedgied: Exavier in extremis!

Rope assault

Exavier leg split wide apart

Crushing cranial claw

Exavier choked and clawed

Choke slam set-up

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