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  Cage Thunder vs. Pink Puma*

Cage Thunder - 5'11, 180

A crotch-caressing masked face-off

Layers! Puma gets stripped

Cage gets split wide on the ropes

A Thunderous wedgie: The Ragin' Cajun yanks a super wedgie up the Puma's butt crack. Puma PAIN!

"Who Dat Say He Gonna Beat Dat Cage?", or, Cajun Cunning...

Cage Thunder has never been afraid to cross that oh-so-fine line separating wrestling from eroticism - as many a hapless opponent has experienced first-hand! For him, a battle isn't just about winning or losing; it's a dance of domination ending in erotic domination and humiliation for the loser. He enjoys inflicting pain - and draws strength, and a more prurient reaction, from experiencing it. "Pain is an art form," he often growls, "and I am a virtuoso creating a masterpiece on my opponents' bodies. So make room for The Maestro!" The masked Cajun turns down no foe, regardless of size or experience - and he accepts, nay, he WELCOMES any kind of stake. And as our fans know, he likes to take his time with his opponents, to draw out their humiliation, to savor their suffering and to prolong his own arousal! And nothing, nothing gets the brutal masked Cajun harder and hornier than the slow. sexy, rituaizedl unmasking of another defeated wrestler.

Pink Puma is exactly the kind of foe Cage enjoys - lean and defined muscles, a hard and tight bubble butt, defined abs begging for a beating, an impressive puma package and not only skilled but cat-like quick! "I want to be the one to take Thunder's mask," Puma said when issuing the challenge - and The Boss was only too glad to sign a 'loser gets unmasked' battle between the two masked wonders!

Puma arrives at the ring first, and warms up his sexy body, going through a series of sinewy sexy moves that demonstrate his speed, agility and feline grace. Cage stalks into the Florida Arena, sizes up his pink-clad opponent, climbs through the ropes, and the two glare at each other, eyes intensely boring across the ring up until the bell rings. The two determined wrestlers meet in the center of the ring, face to face, chest to chest, mask versus mask. The tension and attraction and simmering heat are palpable as the contrasting body types square off for combat. Who will attack first? And then almost simultaneously, they each reach inside the other's trunks... and proceed with caution, eyes locked, to gently massage the expanding hardness within - until Cage gives Puma's balls a brutal hard squeeze that brings the pink-clad warrior to the mat moaning in misery!

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Cage Thunder vs. Pink Puma*
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Stripped of his mask, the KO'd Puma's true identity is revealed as Cage Thunder takes his reward

De-masking the mystery man

The Pink Puma - 6', 180

Ball bashed! Puma's pouch trampled

Bow 'n arrow: Puma stretched out

Big boot busts Puma's bridge

Muscle Cage spread's Puma's legs and prepares to lower the boot: Pink's balls trampled and bashed

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