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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Marauder

Jonny Firestorm, 5'5, 140

Jonny choked with his jumprope

Bulging Jonny gasps for air

Camel clutch outside the ring

Wedgie city- population: 1 Jonny. Marauder's bow 'n arrow by Jonny's chin and wedged bulge

Jonny Come Lately

It seems like just yesterday Jonny Firestorm was a pale, lean, fresh-faced up and coming young indy star looking to make a name in the underground wrestling business. His willingness to do house chores and yard work in exchange for training and ring-time endeared him to even the most jaded wrestlers at BGEast, not the mention his main mentor, Kid Leopard. But that didn't mean they would take it easy on the kid in the ring or on the mat, whether it was for a BG East taping versus a well-known and established BG East star or whether it was a grueling private submission hold 'seminar' down in the grotto or out in the wrestleshack alone with just The Boss himself.... But the kid had the talent, grit and determination to withstand, persevere and survive it all, ring bashings and Boss-beatings included. Even those who beat the crap out of him respected him for that 'never-say-die' attitude and for his own undeniable inventiveness on the mats or off the ropes. Jonny just wanted to get better in the ring, and was willing to do whatever he had to in order to rise to the top. Even the most jaded of them all, The Boss, was impressed, and when he took the kid under his wing we saw a new Jonny Firestorm emerge: cocky, arrogant and more than willing to destroy his foes by whatever means necessary!

And as the wins continued to add up, and his chest puffed up with pride, his new-found arrogance and confidence began to grate. He even started mouting off to The Boss - a HUGE no-no, as so many others have learned the hard way! Finally, The Boss decided that it just might be time for the kid to discover a little lesson in humility. And who better to give the kid a Degree in Pain than the mysterious Marauder? Big, strong, silent, and undefeated, his true identity is one of the most carefully guarded secrets at BGEast. He was the man who handed mouthy thug Exavier a serious thrashing, and worked over musclestud Braden Charron so completely and viciously that we wondered if Braden would ever step in the ring again! The Marauder is arguably the most skilled and diabolical wrestler to terrorize the BG East ring. And in typical Jonny fashion, his only response to the match being signed was, "Bout time that big girl had some serious competition!"

Oh, Jonny - you and your mouth!

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Marauder
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Jonny boy trapped by the rope

The very resourceful Marauder gets a claw full of Firestorm crotch

Jonny's wedgied & scissored

Boot trampling the bulge

Jonny suffers in Marauders grasp

Jonny bashed with a stool

Gut bash time, Jonny braces for the pain as The Marauder sizes up his abs for the body blow

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