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  Muscle Mask vs. Exavier

Muscle Mask punishes Exavier

Double axe handle: Exavier's grounded

Kneeling surfboard stretch

Exavier slaps on a sleeper hold

Exavier lays his boot on Mask

A flurry of brutal blows and the unsuspecting Musclemask is driven back into the corner! Relentless blows follow, punishing the muscle stud's ripped abs with fists and boots, pummeling his powerful pecs, and generally abusing his lean, vein-popping torso. Attempts by Musclemask to gain any advantage are turned on him again and again and soon he is screaming out a submission to a back-cracking, neck-cranking camel clutch! Flush with the stimulation of convincing victory as well as the titillation of punishment, Exavier doesn't let up. But Musclemask somehow manages to keep his head clear enough, and when the opening finally arises, he upends Exavier onto his back, hooks his ankles, flips him over gets a tight deep-seated boston crab on the thug! Now it's payback time-and Musclemask has learned his lesson well! Punishing Exavier's knee slows up the big pro brute for a while - and a neck-snapping full nelson has the thug close to yet another submission!

But Exavier didn't earn his reputation by going down easily-and a vicious elbow to Musclemask's ripped abs turns the match around yet again! Now in control, Exavier decides to put on a display of body-destroying brutality that leaves Musclemask writhing in pain as Exavier moves from body part to body part, methodicallly weakening, punishing, pummeling and wearing the sexy masked man down. A vicious boot to the face, shoulder-ripping arm bars, stomps on those iron abs, being driven head-first into the turnbuckle - how does Musclemask manage to take it all and not just flee the arena in terror for his life? But the muscleman is determined not to go down to defeat yet again, and somehow manages to hang with the thug! A brutal over the knee backbreaker has the muscular stud stretched and displayed, his abs fair game for fists and elbows until finally he collapses...

But Exavier isn't quite done with him yet - draping his limp form over the turnbuckle, steeping out of the ring to apply an eye-popping phenomenal bow and arrow back breaker variation across the top corner pad! If MuscleMask is determined to hang in there and absorb the pain, Exavier is only too happy to oblige his choice! He draped the hunk across his knees and floats him above him in a mormon sickle backbreaker. In between punishing submission holds he goes back to work on those tight rippling abs! He pounds on those pecs, and knee-drops that back, and tramples him front and back. Not content with repeated screams of submission, Exavier toys with the hunk's consciousness.

Exavier sets a new standard for brutality - but somehow Musclemask manages to endure it and keeps fighting on...until this one come to a completely shocking end!

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Muscle Mask vs. Exavier
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

MuscleMask trapped and trampled over the middle corner pad: Double boots bend Mask in half

Brilliant bow & arrow backbreaker

Examining Muscle Mask's pecs

Schoolboy pinned tight

Winding up for a forearm smash

Elevated bow n' arrow submission

Exavier makes a point: Trash talking and taunting his battered opponent

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