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  Cage Thunder vs. Goldenrod*

Cage Thunder - 5'11 180

G-Rod's rod gets crushed

Cage cranks on a camel clutch

G-Rod begs Cage for mercy

Stripped of his gold mask and gold trunks, Cage Thunder reveals a Goldenrod's golden ass

"A Champion? A Champion of What!?"

Posing for our cameras, Goldenrod strikes a stunning figure. His metallic golden gear matches the championship belt strapped around his narrow waist. He moves smoothly from pose to pose, a picture perfect image of the classic, bodybuilder-wrestler. His impressive muscles are clearly the reward for years of devoted sculpting of his body in the gym. When Cage Thunder appears, he asks the obvious question that's on all of our minds. Cage is well-known for not suffering fools or wrestling-pretenders lightly. He has a reputation for calling many a cocky, young hopeful's bluff. With contempt, Cage glares at the championship belt and demands of Goldenrod, "A champion?! Champion of what?"

With a mysterious accent, Goldenrod replies, "I'm the European champion!" He flexes a double-bicep pose to illustrate his credibility for his challenger. The two masked wrestlers face-off, standing nose-to-nose, challenging one another to be the first to blink. A crotch-claw by Cage makes Goldenrod the first to blink... and then gasp, and then sputter, and finally drop weakly to his knees. An over-the-knee backbreaker has the "European champion" immediately vulnerable. Powerful fists to Goldenrod's pecs leave him unable to decide what needs defending most: his chest or his still-aching crotch.

Each move that Cage makes is a test, pushing Goldenrod to the limit to see if he has the wrestling chops to merit ownership of the "toy" title belt at which Cage so dismissively scoffs. Cage flings him to the mat, rips the championship belt away, and beats his shiny, ample, golden ass with it. A full nelson has Goldenrod gasping in pain. He tries to power out, but all those tanned and toned muscles get him nowhere. Once again on his back, Goldenrod finds his opponent's boot grinding hard into his vulnerable balls.

Over and over, Cage maneuvers Goldenrod into one compromised position after another, systematically exposing the "European champion's" weaknesses. He toys with the would-be champion, towering over him time and again, waiting patiently with his hands on his hips as the golden muscleboy uses him like a ladder to climb bravely back to his feet. Goldenrod is clearly outmatched, but he's fiercely determined to keep coming back for more. Cage snaps on another bearhug, lifting his opponent off his feet, his spectacular butt in high relief. Goldenrod pounds desperately on his captor's back, but the savvy veteran leaves him with no other options. The 'champ' gasps his first-fall submission.

"European champion?" Cage asks incredulously as he flexes in victory, trying on the plastic toy title belt. "Looks pretty good on me, don't it, 'champ?'" he taunts.

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Cage Thunder vs. Goldenrod*
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Goldenrod - 6' 185

Cage grabs the Goldenrod

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