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  Skull vs. Angelo Blanco

Blanco hovers over Skull

Sock to the face ball grab

Blanco grabs and smother pins Skull

Masked scissors battle- head & body

Two evenly matched welterweights in masks go at it hand and sock to determine the victor

White Mask vs Black Mask: Good Versus Evil

Skull instantly lives up to his name in this mat match in the BGE poolside cabana. A slap in the face, a taunt, and merciless punches to Angelo Blanco's pecs explain why Skull is dressed all in black! He's intent on raising some hell, and he's not about to let some masked hero in white come out on top. But Blanco has astonishingly powerful legs and a knack for lifting his performance to the next level at precisely the moment that he looks hopelessly locked up. Whatever power he's tapping into, he manages to effectively reverse Skull's snarling holds early and often in this match. Skull is clearly the one with something to prove, though, as the bad boy in black schoolboy pins Blanco, grinding his undergeared crotch into his opponent's shiny white mask and latching on a nasty ball claw just for kicks.

Angelo keeps battling back, each time raising his game to meet brutality with brutality. Venturing into the dark side, Blanco delivers some choice punishment of his own to Skull's crotch as payback. His rally is short-lived, though, as Skull schoolboy pins his opponent and hooks his legs, leaving Blanco's ass wide open for some entirely gratuitous, humiliating spanking. Skull is writing his own rules from the start, and Blanco is just managing to keep up with the next level of humiliating abuse that Skull has in store for him.

As Skull traps his opponent's head between his legs, he clamps on another ball claw and presses Blanco's body up off the mat - 2nd photo from top on right. Skull demands that the boy in white give up, but Blanco refuses, although he can't stop the cries of agony escaping from his lips. There's an edge of awe in Skull's familiar voice as he continues to demand, "Give it up! Submit!" Stretched to the edge of mere human endurance, Blanco stubbornly continues to refuse. Skull claws and squeezes, Blanco's face humiliatingly against Skull's ass. Skull spreads his opponent's legs wide, eyeing his vulnerable crotch in preparation for another crotch assault. "Now you'll give," Skull promises. Instantly, unable to face another savage assault on his crotch, Blanco gasps his frantic submission.

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Skull vs. Angelo Blanco
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Squeezing Blanco in a bearhug

Skull folds, presses and spanks Angelo Blanco as he pins him, crotch hovering over his face

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