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  The Black Spider vs. Archangel Ace*

ArchAngel Ace

A big double butt claw

The Ace drawn and quartered

SuperHunk Ace with Blue's gloves tucked into his b

Stripped of his mask, the rescued bare-assed hero-no-more limps out of the ring. But before the Spider recovers to pursue, divine intervention: "Evil Spider--you have spun your last web!" ArchAngel Ace, an angel with edge! The Spider isn't the only one with mysterious powers--ArchAngel uses his to bewitch his opponent. Nearly insane with desire, a thick hard-on throbbing in his tights, the over-stimulated superheel gropes his way up the hunky, hairy-chested hero's bod, mindlessly climbing into his arms for repeated bearhugs. Ace thwarts each of the Spider's attacks and uses his super-powers to will the black bug into turnbuckle bashing and bodyslamming himself all over the ring! Bound in the ropes, the Spider gets a taste of his own medicine as the Angel grinds his huge crotch into the evil arachnid's face. An airplane spin spells doom, but.... Arms flailing wildly, the Spider unwittingly catches the Angel's necklace and pulls it off, rendering the hero powerless! The spell broken, the Spider tears into the hapless hero with one purpose--to make him pay, physically, mentally, and sexually! Another hunky hero trapped in the Spider's web and milked of his man-serum. Coming in at nearly two hours and starring returning superstar AND a stunning newcomer in a nude 'n hard cork-popping debut--an astounding video!

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The Black Spider vs. Archangel Ace*
59 minutes

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The spider claims his prey

The fallen Angel stripped

Ground under the Spider's heel

Head up the Spider's...

AceAngel totally humiliated

ArchAngel's HUGE bulge

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