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  Muscle Mask vs. Joe Mazetti

Muscle Mask 5'11, 205

Joe tramples Muscle's gut

Joe's HUGE back-breaking bear hug

An out and out choke on the masked man

MuscleMask's ripped abs get the double claw hold treatment from the monster Mazetti

"Everyone I wrestle," sexy musclestud Joe brags, "becomes a jobber." His list of victims reads like a who's who of the sexiest studs ever to wrestle for BGE! Whether facing a babyface like Brendan Byers or a stud like Mike Columbo, the result is always the same: Joe's huge arm raised in triumph! Joe even handed Cole Cassidy his only smackdown since the treacherous snake signed on the dotted line! After his last match, Joe got in The Boss's face: "Until you givet me someone who can fucking make me break a sweat, don't call! These punks BORE me." No matter who The Boss suggested, Joe turned him down. When Musclemask requested a match with the cocky star, no one expected Mazetti to sign. Musclemask, despite a ripped physique, hasn't exactly been impressive in the ring against Beau or The Enforcer. Both matches were lopsided, and not in Musclemask's favor! Surely Joe wouldn't be interested in the masked man. Imagine The Boss's surprise when Mazetti responded with "Why the hell not? I haven't kicked any ass in a while. The fans miss me! I'll do it for them." Wow! Big of you, Joe!

Talk about mismatches made in hell! What chance could Musclemask possibly have against one of the most brutal and vicious studs to ever lace up the boots for BGE? One has to give props for challenging Joe, but the lack of offense in his previous matches does not bode well for the masked stud. But when The Boss, in an exceptionally rare moment of compassion, offered him one more chance to back out of the match, Musclemask refused. After all, he reasoned, what better way of redeeming myself around BGE than to beat the undefeated? "I'm not the punching bag guys say I am," he said as he pulled on his mask and laced his boots. "I want to show what I'm capable of." And in the pre-match posedown, his confidence doesn't look misplaced. Even Mazetti is impressed by the definition and musculature of his opponent, and when the two get down on the mat to armwrestle, it's Musclemask who comes out on top! Mazetti is not about to take that lying down!

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Muscle Mask vs. Joe Mazetti
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Joe Mazetti 5'7, 205

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