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  Muscle Mask vs. Joe Mazetti

Mazetti shows off his big guns

Joe drops the big elbow

MuscleMask melts in Joe's grip

MuscleMask choked n chumped by Joe

Big thick head scissors and gut claw

One of these days, Joe's boots are gonna stomp all over you! Musclemask's triumph is short-lived. Joe is not accustomed to losing: at anything! As Musclemask flexes in triumph, Joe's growing rage shows in his face, which turns a shade of red former victims would easily recognize, and is the stuff of their nightmares. The rage builds until Joe lets lose with a brutal assault on MuscleMask's washboard abs! And what a target those hard abs make: for punches, elbows, knees and stomps! Musclemask can do nothing but moan and suffer as the taut skin over his stomach turns redder and redder under an assault more brutal than anything we've ever seen from Joe. He pummels his hapless foe, until finally Musclemask lies limp as a dishrag. "All in a day's work," smirks mighty Mazetti, striking a few poses, but MuscleMask somehow manages to find the energy to slap a full nelson on Joe, with full neck-cracking pressure! Will Mighty Joe be forced into a submission?

Not on your life! Joe powers his way out, and goes back to work on that battered midsection, even offering the masked one a free shot of his own at the Mazetti midsection! The two trade blows, but Joe just toys with Mask, even choking the stud out! But that's not enough for Joe, waking him up to treat him to more punishment! Finding some foreign objects in the ring area only awakens his sadistic creativity. Will MuscleMask be able to survive this match to wrestle another day? Or will Mighty Joe M put an end to his wrestling career before it really has gotten started?

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Muscle Mask vs. Joe Mazetti
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Mazetti mean and magnificent as MuscleMask moans

MuscleMask mangled with a boot

Arm-wrestling challenge

Mask scissored and gut-bashed

Crushing bicep headlock

MuscleMask's abs a sitting target

Joe repeatedly chokes MuscleMask

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