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  Marauder vs. Braden Charron

Man to man test of strength

Super Braden tosses The Marauder

Braden stretched over the ropes

The Marauder feels Braden's power

The mystery man twists Braden's head

Who IS That Masked Man?

Pity poor Braden. He has everything a young man needs for success in the ring: good training, a body covered with thick muscle, and a hunger to succeed. But his tenure at BGE hasn't been quite what he dreamed when he was in wrestling boot camp. The struggle to prove himself worthy, over and over again; the humiliations suffered at the hands of Brad and his ex-friend Jed; and even the few wins he's scored haven't won him much respect from the other wrestlers, or more importantly, from The Boss. The taunts of 'jobboy' in the locker room drive him to push himself harder. No one disputes Braden's work ethic. But sometimes hard work just isn't enough. "Not everyone walks in here and wins every match," The Boss told the disheartened youth in a meeting about his future. "Sometimes you just have to take your lumps. It's called paying your dues. Tell ya what, we'll put you in the ring with one of the newer guys."

Newer guy, indeed. The Marauder! Yes, the very same Marauder who made mincemeat out of thug Exavier in his own ring debut! The Marauder, whose true identity is known only to The Boss, and is one of the most closely guarded secrets at BGEast! No one knows who this big brute is, or anything about him, other than no one really wants to face him in the ring! The Marauder's career has been marked by no-shows or outright refusals to face the masked mauler: after all, he turned Exavier into nothing more than a muscletoy played with for his own amusement. Yes, The Boss does have a rather sick sense of humor sometimes, as many wrestlers have discovered to their regret. When the news of the impending match spread around the lockerroom, Braden was treated to more of the same old, same old. "He'll cripple you, dude," Jonny Firestorm taunted. "Might as well change your name and get out of Dodge NOW." But the taunts only strengthened young Braden's resolve. "I'll show those punks," he vowed.

He enters the ring, pumped and ready for action!

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Braden battered and beaten to the mat

Braden's big bearhug hope...

Braden Charron, 5'8 200

Braden gets tomb-stoned

Braden full-nelsoned

The Marauder's brutal hangman hold

The Marauder uses the ropes as he chokes Braden in an abdominal stretch

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