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  Red Baron vs. Kid Karisma vs. Cage Thunder

Kid Karisma, 5'8 170

The Red Baron, 5'10 195

Karisma sleepered out?

Banana Split: Scream muscle boy!

Cage Thunder and Kid Karisma double team The Red Baron

Rocky Mountain High

What a find! And what a hot little hunk! Kid Karisma has it all. A lean, muscular perfectly proportioned body, the right attitude, wrestling skill -- and a jaw-droppingly sexy butt! And when he found out that BG East was coming to Denver, he wanted in on the action! "I'll take on anyone you want," he said in his email, "any size, any age, anybody, any time." And when The Boss saw the attached photo, the almost flawless symmetry of the masked boy's impressive physique made his jaw drop! So, why not match the masked boy with another Denver applicant -- The Red Baron? Sure, The Baron had some size on the kid, but bulk doesn't always equal a triumph on the mats!

The Baron stalks around the mats as he waits for the Kid who leaps up on a wall to show his agility and speed! The Baron flexes an arm disdainfully, and the two begin circling each other. The Baron doesn't have a problem with shortcuts and cheap shots to undercut the Kid's speed and skill -- and soon he is tossing the charismatic Kid around the mat with the greatest of ease -- perhaps the Kid wrote some checks his body couldn't cash. On and on The Baron wears the Kid down, time after time, until it looks like it is certainly curtains for the groggy Kid, who can barely get to his feet. The big Baron easily lifts the smaller muscle boy up into his arms for an excruciating and beautiful bearhug squeezing that lean tight waist and showcasing Kid Karisma's phenomenal bubble butt. The masked Baron continues to punish the young muscle hunk with impunity until another masked face appears in the window and Cage Thunder appears!

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Red Baron vs. Kid Karisma vs. Cage Thunder
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