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  Red Baron vs. Kid Karisma vs. Cage Thunder

The Red Baron trapped and taunted

Kid Karisma's mighty muscles can't get him out of this predicament

The muscle stud dishes out some ab abuse

With The Red Baron down and out, Cage claws Kid Karisma's pec

Go to sleep muscle boy! Kid Karisma fights to stay conscious

Cage to the Rescue? Or Kid Gets Krushed?

Cage Thunder enters the fray, the masked terror whom The Boss has sent to challenge the winner of this struggle! Cage is inflamed as soon as he sees what's going on, and stalks his way onto the mats! How dare this Red buffoon have all the fun! A couple of forearm smashes send The Baron reeling. And even when The Baron manages to put together some offense, Cage, the fresh entrant into the battle, is able to reverse out and get control again! He secures The Baron's arms so Kid Karisma can get some of his own back -- and he does, with relish! Punch after punch staggers the big Baron, until Cage takes him down and applies a vicious head scissors while the Kid keeps punishing The Baron's belly. Cage meanwhile applies more and more pressure on the scissors, turning it into a choke that knocks The Baron out!

The Kid, seeing his big foe KO'd, leaps to his feet and flexes in triumph -- but Cage isn't quite finished yet. Cage finished off The Baron with the express purpose of getting his mitts on the Kid in order to have him all to himself! And with the big masked man down and out, it's Kid Karisma's turn for a beating, Cage style! But first there's the matter of that mask -- Cage wants to see what's hiding under that golden facade and goes after the Kid, putting on a brutally delicious display of sexy submission holds, from a pec claw and a bow-and-arrow to a back-bending and mind-blowing full boston crab that has the humpy rookie slapping the mat in agony to a spine and neck wrenching camel clutch that has the Kid screaming out in painful submission! But just as Cage goes for the mask -- two arms snake a sleeper on him! The Baron has come to and is pissed! The Kid scampers out of the way to allow the two big men to go back to war!

In this amazing three way struggle for dominance, someone is going out -- and someone is going to get unmasked and exposed, his identity revealed in the penultimate act of mask humiliation. And someone is destined to become a VERY big BG East superstar as a result! They don't call him Kid Karisma for nothing!

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Red Baron vs. Kid Karisma vs. Cage Thunder
37 minutes

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Unmasked! Oh the shame! Kid K tries to preserve his identity

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Kid Karisma gets a face full

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