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  Keith Sullivan vs. Doug Warren

Cocky Keith Sullivan

Ouch! Doug camels Keith

Keith crotch-to-face pinned

Doug's the man!

Muscled Vet Squashes Cocky Rookie

No more Mr. Nice Guy, Doug announces. He's taken his share of abuse at the hands and feet of notorious rule breakers like Kid Leopard and the Bodywrecker and finally he says enough is enough! He puts some muscle behind his threat and proves his point by inflicting non-stop punishment on cute Keith. Nearly reduced to tears, Keith gets rammed into a wall and humped from behind. Doug alternates between caressing and abusing the smaller guy as he tallies up submission after submission. But spunky Keith keeps mouthing off, inciting Doug to further abuse. Doug works Keith's crotch, rides his butt, crotch-pins his face, squeezes him between his rock-hard thighs, makes him lick his rock-solid pecs, suck crotch and repeatedly beg for release. It's a sweaty, sexy, tasty and near-complete total squash. And in the end, Doug claims the pretty boy for his own private use'

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Keith Sullivan vs. Doug Warren
25 minutes
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