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  Joe Mastro vs. Jeff Jordan

Joe Mastro nelsons Jeff Jordan

Joe tries a boston crab

Jeff hammerlocks hairy Joe

Joe's 3-point back-breaker

Battle of the Big Hairy-Chested Hunks

The first fall is all about big Joe as he relentlessly ploughs into the handsome 5'10, 160 lb Canadian, nailing him with fists and then squeezing the breath out of him with a long-held body scissors which has the pretty boy writhing, contorting and gasping for air. Joe's raw aggression, combined with his 6'1, 180 lb size advantage, dominate the hot Canadian. Joe scissors Jeff's head from behind them pummels his heels into his opponent's crotch. Pushed to the limit, the earnest, rule-abiding mat boy decides to throw caution, and the rulebook, to the wind. He digs deep and hard into big Joe's gut, pecs and armpits and works them over with his fists and knees. Jeff's baby blue trunks get sweaty and nearly translucent making for some crotch-watching delights. The final fall is all-out aggression as both rookies fight to gain that all-important first BG win.

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Joe Mastro vs. Jeff Jordan
34 minutes
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Jeff bridges in a nelson/bodyscissors

Jeff works a nasty arm-bar

Canadian stud Jeff Jordan

Jeff has Joe in a camel clutch

Headlock from the hairy hunk

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