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  Scott Rogers vs. Thom Katt

Scott Rogers

Face-claw sleeper

Choking Scott Rogers


Guest Appearance by Tommy Lopez

There?s no love lost between these two lightweights. Scott Rogers is a real-life Eagle Scout. Thom Katt is about as outrageous as they come. The initial action is fast, all-out rough grappling. Scott made use of Katt?s many pierced parts and the huge bulge under his purple satin trunks. Thom Katt fought back any way he could ? teeth, claws, feet, nerves. ?You?re sick!? screamed Scott in great pain. Katt took every opportunity to torture young Rogers. Scott managed to get the first gall with a neat, original submission hold but Thom Katt?s underhanded tactics were too much for the blonde boy to overcome. Katt produced a couple of wicked finishing holds, sparing no body part, leaving young Scott wasted on the mat. Not satisfied with mere victory, Katt roped his victim and left him hogtied on the mat ? in true rodeo wrestling fashion ? quite appropriate finish considering Rogers? cowboy gear.

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Scott Rogers vs. Thom Katt
36 minutes
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Scott all stretched out

Thom in a world of hurt

Thom Katt

The face-off

Totally Thom the wild Katt

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