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  Brian Baxter vs. California Ripper

Beautiful Brian Baxter

Ripper face-pins Brian

Face-sit gut and crotch claw

Ripper humiliated

Muscle Perfection vs Rip-Rassler

Brian displays his remarkable flexibility and phenomenal muscular development. The Ripper responds to this ?muscle ballet? with a show of muscle-flexing and T-shirt-shredding macho bravado of his own. When the action starts, the Ripper wastes no time in going right for Baxter?s balls, calling him a faggot among other epithets. When Brian makes a comeback he asks ?So who?s the faggot now?? This match is about as raunchy as BG bouts get: butt-slapping, trunk-yanks, ball-grabbing, muscle flexing and face-sitting. When the Ripper goes for his prize and starts to shred Brians? trunks, the pretty boy would have none of it. ?Fuck you, asshole, this is my only one and you ain?t getting it.? Ripper gets his face jammed, rammed, buried and smeared into Baxter?s various orifices: ?Smell that pit! Yeah, take a big deep breath!? Brian ties his bandana around the Ripper?s neck and drags him around the mat as a last humiliation before the final submission. Choice!

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Brian Baxter vs. California Ripper
22 minutes
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Brian scissored and grabbed

Brian gets stretched

Brian's boston

Brian's mouth gets stuffed

Ripper gets humped and pumped

Brian full nelsoned by the Ripper

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