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  Chip Slater vs. Bass Wallace

Chip Slater

The Wallace guillotine

Bass folded and pressed

Double body scissors

Bass battles for survival

Lightweight Title Bout

Barefoot, they stretch silently in the mat-room. Bass, laconic and cocky as ever, expects an easy victory. But Chip loves to take chances and stops at nothing to get him-self a rung up on the BG ladder. And in the lightweight division versus it's current champ, he's shooting for the stars. Chip grabs at Bass's crotch, and slaps that ass, baiting the bull! You just know some retribution will be forthcoming after that type of insult. Bass methodically and brutally applies his body scissors, painful arm bar and other specialties. Jacknife pins - one face-to-ass - and a spectacular Bass bridge show off some of the assets these handsome fighters possess. The action is rough and very intense and the big baskets, great butts and the terrifically talented wrestling add to the intense sex appeal of this mat brawl.

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Bouts 121-124


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Chip Slater vs. Bass Wallace
17 minutes
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Bass Wallace

Bass' armbar/wristlock

Bass scissored and stretched

Chip takes charge

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