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  Rudy Cortez vs. Cain McDonald  

Rudy Cortez, 5'7, 160

Cain squeezes a bearhug

Cain cranks Rudy's neck

Rudy in a sleeper predicament

Cain tries for double grapes

Testing, Testing...1...2...3.....

We've seen Rudy in ring action where he more than held his own vs Nick Naughton, displaying some obvious amateur skills. Newbie Cain comes from a similar background and currently trains in mixed martial arts. Matched in skill and size, this became a hotly anticipated match-up. Both boys begin a silent stretching routine, ignoring each other while they exercise, putting their equally able physiques on ample display, the tension rising palpably. The grappling begins in a heartbeat with Rudy taking Cain down to the mat fast and hard. But Cain is no slouch, not by a long-shot, immediately scooping Rudy's leg to return the favor. Next up they each try to mount a bearhug offensive, but neither has the strength to keep his opponent at bay.

These studs are so even-matched and they want the win so badly, they'll expend all of their energy to get it. You can see the toll the match is already taking as their muscles begin to drip with sweat and they pant like rabid dogs. One dude gets on all fours and allows the foe to attack from behind, resulting in sumptuous variety of humpy poses. Cain climbs on top Cortez and secures a tight body scissors. Their tenacity grows more violent, with Cain attacking with scissors and painful leg stretches, while Cortez counters with Boston Crab finisher attempts. Cain rolls Cortez into a headlock pretzel; Cortez returns the favor. It seems like these lads will never tap out, until Cain, finally wins the first submission by securing another body scissors on Cortez and choking him with his own arm.

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Rudy Cortez vs. Cain McDonald
31 minutes
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Cain tries to guillotine Rudy

Rudy trapped in Cain's banana split

Cain McDonald, 5'7, 162

Rudy goes for an armbar

Cain squeezes a cross body scissors

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