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  Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Ricky Martinez*

BBW has Ricky 'in hand'

BBW has his boy by the throat

Sizing up the goods

Hanging from the rafters

The Bodywrecker Initiates Ricky Martinez

In tight jeans and barechested, Ricky walks through the woods for a rendezvous in the Wrestleshack. On arrival a leather clad stud announces "I am the BBW and you are shit. You're here for one reason: to become a man. I"m here because I'm getting paid." Ordered to strip out of his 'disco' outfit, BBW ridicules Ricky's white briefs and hands him trunks of his choice. Ricky puts up a brave front but the BBW sees right through it: "Save the attitude for someone who gives a shit." When the training begins the Bodywrecker seizes Ricky by the throat, rams him against a wall and chokes him till he goes weak in the knees. "You control his mind, his body comes with the territory." He offers Ricky some free shots at his pecs: �Punch me!� BBW's pec punches knock Ricky off his feet. After spitting on the novitiate, he announces "next level" and hands Ricky a shiny green thong. Alternating between intense punishment and smouldering sensuality, Ricky is subjected to a seductive battering. His boy leaning longingly back against his chest, the master reaches inside that bulging thong. Ricky's suffering, quivering and shuddering desire is beyond sexy.

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5: Ricky's Rookie Rites


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Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Ricky Martinez*
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Ricky nude and all wrapped up

BBW and Ricky Martinez

Bashing those beautiful abs

Reaching down deep!

Unlace that big boot, boy! Now!

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