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  Kid Vicious vs. Kieron Knight*  

Ready to fight? Fuck or ruck?

Oi! Kid Vicious asserts his domination

Kieron gets a taste of submission

Kieron enjoys humiliating the heel

Surprise! Kid Vicious in agony

Oi! - Got Balls? Got Brawl?

After breaking and entering the room, KV wastes no time in accosting the cute boot-boy, who was already very clearly turned on to the idea of wrestling the skinhead wrestling star in this private place. What KV probably didn't expect was for the sexy boot-boy to totally match that aggression with his own.

An erotic game of domination and submission follows, as the two wrestle in their jeans, braces and boots, bouncing off the beds and into the walls and floor. Kieron was used to street fighting, but seems especially aroused by Vicious' wrestling moves and holds. Seems the kid can not only take a lot of abuse but has a neat little arsenal of his own!

"Yeah, show me what you can do?" taunts the older skinhead, pushing, prodding, slapping the rookie. Kieron adapts his fighting skills, tentatively at first, seemingly afraid to rouse the veteran fighter to anger, but happy to arouse him in other ways. Or maybe Kid Vicious is the one being tested here....

Slowly but steadily the two skinheads work their way out of their tight clothes. Vicious finds himself being uncharacteristically gentle with the excited young tough. Rather than outright humiliating and destroying him, he finds himself caressing and kissing the uber-cute skin boy. He remembered his own first time, how he had been led through the entire process, learning gradually to test and push his limits, learning how much he could take, and so he begins the 'training' process with this very seductive rookie!

But Vicious may have regrets! Kieron's a quick learner, and catches the distracted and over-excited heel totally off guard. The so-called 'rookie' clamps on scissors, bearhugs, and even scores face-smothering pins! And rather than retaliate with his usual brutality, a tamed Vicious actually seems to enjoy feeling the power of this budding young fighter.

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Kid Vicious vs. Kieron Knight*
01:50 minutes
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