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  Billy Lodi vs. Cameron Matthews

Billy spreads Cameron with a banana split

Billy Lodi shows a mean streak

Billy munts Cameron with a sleeper

Cameron torture racks the rookie

Billy tramples Cameron's pouch

Tickle Torture and Pink Derrieres

The two young studs meet in the notorious 'grotto' - the mat room at BGEast. Cameron struts in, fully confident he will dominate the flyweight rookie! "Is THAT what you're wearing?" he jokes as Billy gets to his feet, referiing to Billy's square cut undergear. "I kind of like it," Billy shoots back. Cameron offers his hand, but when Billy goes to take it Cameron shoots in and takes control! "You're not going to embarrass ME in the BGEast dungeon!" Cameron taunts as he takes Billy down. Chokes, punches, stomps - has he been hanging out with Kid Vicious? He wrings a submission out of Billy with a brutal body scissors - and doesn't give him a chance to recover before coming after him again! Cameron's cranky!

Billy, though, is tough and wiry and knows how important this debut is to his advancement at BG East! Just when it looks as though Cameron is going to finish him off once and for all, he digs deep and scores a screaming submission from Cameron! To add insult to injury, Billy strips Cameron out of the skin-tight singlet, revealing a thong that shows off Cameron's very vulnerable derriere: Billy gleefully whacks that pretty butt! For some added humiliation, Billy starts tickling Cameron until he screams!

What started out as a mat match degenerates into a frisky brawl - with a subtext of humiliation - and whenever it seems that Cameron might get the upper hand again - back to the tickling! Cameron fights back with some tickling of his own but Billy seems far les susceptible - and so the battle rages on!

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