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  Tony Vencini vs. Brook Stetson

Brook goes for the sleeper

Now that's using your head!

Brook tramples Tony

Brook pounds Tony's pec as he tries to turn him for a guillotine

Two major heavyweight muscle hunks struggle for dominance

"Oh, For a Slingshot and a Stone"

Like the seasoned mat men they are, the two studs shake hands and the match is on! What follows is an impressive display of mat wrestling. The two muscled studs go back and forth, trying to find a weakness to exploit, neither able to get a clear initial advantage over the other. Brook's superior strength is obvious - powering his way out of any slight gain Tony might make and steering clear of any potential submission predicament. And all of Tony's skills are necessary to keep him out of the clutches of brutal submission holds the bigger man is itching to clamp on! Brook's game plan is obvious: wear the smaller man down! And when Tony makes a slight miscalculation, the big man pounces to secure a quick and decisive advantage! Soon Tony is tied up tight and screaming out his submission! Brook takes a moment to contemptuously pose on top of his defeated opponent, his strategy bearing the results he'd planned.

Another wrestler might have called it quits, but not Tony. He pops back up to his feet, ready for more! He digs deep into his arsenal, and the battle rages back and forth, their bodies becoming drenched in sweat, their breathing labored and heavy. Tony's not going away quietly, and Brook finds himself in danger of submitting! His awesome strength helps him to power out of danger time and again, but Tony comes back, reversing the brutal holds Brook has used to definitely break other wrestlers. And with an awe-inspiring banana split, Tony manages to even the score - and get some respect from his cocky foe.

There's only one fall left - and it is obvious that neither wrestler is going to just fold his tent and go away quietly. Both studs resist the submission demands of the other, enduring intense pain and punishment in doing so. No, it's now clear that there's only one way this match will end with one stud unconscious on the mat while the winner poses in triumph! A must-see for fans of hard fought big boy mat matches!

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Tony Vencini vs. Brook Stetson
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Tony agonizes in Brook's headlock/bodyscissors

Brook tries to escape a side sleeper

Tony grapevines and splits Brook

Tony fights Brook's big bearhug

Brook muscle Tony down for a pin

Torturing Tony in a tight cross body scissors:

Tony hoisted up into a wrenching reverse bear hug

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