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  Rafe Sanchez vs. Sebastian Rios*  

Rafe Sanchez - 6', 180

Rafe brought to his knees

Face smothering folding press

Rafe pinned, choked, and groped

Stripped of their trunks, the Latin studs oil up for the ultimate challenge: loser cums first!

First To Cum Challenge: Muy Caliente!

Rafe Sanchez has everything it takes to be a star at BG East?a sexy, ripped, muscular body and a never-say-die mentality to go with his mat and ring abilities. In his debut against the brutal Russian giant Vlad Varek, Rafe put up a good fight despite giving up six inches in height and about sixty pounds to the vicious Vlad. And his grudge match with the sexy Czech Peter Stallion ignited some body chemistry that erupted into one of the steamiest matches taped since The Boss bought his first video camera. ?Wrestling gets me hard,? Rafe said with a shrug after that match, ?and then anything can happen.? And it did!

Sexy Sebastian has been a player in the underground wrestling circuit in Puerto Rico for quite some time?and The Boss 'auditioned' him on a recent trip to San Juan, the deal was sealed. ?I want Rafe Sanchez, and I promise you it will be muy caliente.? Hardly believing his luck, The Boss forwarded some pics to Rafe, whose own response was equally simple: ?I will own his this bitch.? The date was set, Sebastian flew into Florida, and the match was made! The Boss could hardly contain himself waiting for the moment this Latino sexy showdown would begin?

Before it was over, a phenomenal display of sexy holds from scissors to smothering folding press to full nelson to full hard-on, stripping from trunks to thongs, oil wrestling and frottage, cock-fighting and a double hard-on first-to-cum but both guys shoot challenge finish make this a Latin-oil match to remember and revisit over and over. Read on, amigos!

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Rafe Sanchez vs. Sebastian Rios*
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X-Fights 32: Caribbean Oil Arena Galleries

Rafe bulging big in his thong

Glistening in oil, both ripped wrestlers try to make the other shoot first in a macho male challenge

Sebastian Rios - 5'8, 145

Rafe smothered and humiliated

Sebastian applies an Iron Claw

Scissors and fists to tight abs

Bulging thongs top and bottom as Rafe rides Sebastian with a boston crab variation

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