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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Reese Wells*

Jonny Firestorm - 5'6, 152

Head thumping Pedigree

Crotch ripping leg split

On the rocks: Shaken, not stirred

Jonny relentlessly and ruthlessly attacks Reese's bulls-eye t-back

A Study in Contrasts

Good/Evil. Clean/Dirty. Innocence/Experience. Hairy/Smooth. Black Gear/White Gear. It's a study in contrasts. First-timer Reese is a vision in white: clean cut and cute, with a tight, smooth body that flexes and shifts as he warms up in the ring, with pretty piercing eyes and pouty lips, the latest pro to make the jump to BG East in a banner year of debuts. "Where'd The Boss find you, Babies 'r Us?" Jonny saunters in with a Cheshire cat grin, his buzz cut and scruff the first sign that, as bad as he's been, this isn't the same old badass we've come to love/hate. He sheds his robe, unveiling his thicker torso and newly hairy chest, a gruff, rough youthful mini Arn Anderson look reflecting the inner attitude that's compelled him to cut a path of destruction through a Who's Who of hunks and BG East babyfaces.

"Let's see it," Jonny commands, knowing full well that fans mark out for pre-match posing by fresh meat. Reese eagerly obeys, clasping his hands behind his head to reveal his rippling washboard and that surprisingly big bulge that's already earned him praise on the BGE Yahoo groups touting his greater than proportional assets. Impressed but irritated, and no slouch in the oversized equipment department, Jonny's seen it time and time again. "That's the problem with you young kids today," he mocks. "You're all show and no go." An opening collar and elbow lock-up leads to a posturing, chest-pushing fight reminiscent of schoolyard scraps with Jonny naturally assuming the role of the playground bull as he follows a snapmare with a rear chinlock, counters Reese's hammerlock with a fireman's carry into a submission threatening side bow 'n arrow that puts Reese's lean muscles and bulging basket on early display. But...

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Reese Wells*
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Nasty ab-stretch variation

Gleefull fistfull ball claw

Reese Wells - 5'8, 152

Brutal OTK backbreaker

Ball grinding with the knee

Reese racked upside down

Jonny's big bare-butt body slam

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