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  Paladin vs. Joe Robbins

Paladin, 6'5 210 lbs of sexiness

Paladin works Joe's chin and neck

Paladin mashed into the mat

Paladin in trouble: De-masked and lifted in a fireman's carry

Poor Paladin in pain: Big Joe's brutal bone-crushing reverse beahug

You Can Only Bend So Far

Joe, however, seems to be more preoccupied with unmasking the silent Paladin more than winning the match! Every time he gets a brutal hold on the lean stud, Joe goes for the mask rather than the kill -- which gives Paladin not only the time to regroup but a strategy! "What you hiding under there?" Joe taunts as he goes for the mask time and again, but Paladin manages to keep his mask as well as his identity and then bring the big man down! Paladin obviously knows his way around the ring -- as Joe finds out over and over again! And despite Joe's 30 lb. weight advantage, Paladin often has the big guy reaching for the safety of the ropes. But Joe goes after Paladin's lean waist and back first with a crushing cross body scissors using all the power of his tree trunk-like legs and then following up with a bearhug and back breakers. With Paladin up over his shoulder Big Joe accomplishes his first goal: the removal of the mask from his mysterious and helpless foe.

Now on to his super-objective: destruction! Despite unmasking and wringing a submission with his scissors, Joe goes back to the well again! The crushing pressure of those legs wring another submission from Paladin -- but Joe clamps it on again after only a few seconds of respite! Again and again, this vicious game of cat and mouse goes on -- until a staggered Paladin can take no more! And now, Joe starts working on his back: slam after slam after slam leaves Paladin staggered, his lower back aching -- as Joe works him down relentlessly! A couple of reverse bearhugs weakens the back even more, as a set up for one of the most vicious torture racks ever taped by BG East -- but even that submission isn't enough for Joe - who has a few more brutal tricks -- and slams -- up his sleeve! Paladin went to climb the mountain but the mountain came to Paladin!

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Paladin vs. Joe Robbins
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Pounding & pummeling Paladin

The rookie racked!: Perfectly positioned Paladin punishment

Big Joe Robbins strikes a pose

Over the shoulder backbreaker

Those mask strings already loosened

Crushing that back and ribs

Paladin's long lean torso and back beaten and battered

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