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  Donnie Drake vs. Jaxx O'Doul  

Donnie Drake - 6'1, 205

Jaxx muscled into the corner

A super soaring suplex!

Jaxx's grounded surfboard

Scorpion sleeper in the ropes

Battle of the Titans: Redemption or Confirmation?

Donnie Drakeâ??s experiences at BGEast have not been exactly what he expected. The good looking lobsterman from the coast of Maine with the winning smile and naturally sunny disposition is accustomed to success and approval. Those attributes clearly come through in his demeanor in the ring. The fans always pop for his entrances, the promoters enjoy working with him and, more often than not when all is said and done, it's his hand being raised in victory. Constitutionally, he is a good guy, a natural born 'babyface' with an edge.

But it's been a different story for Donnie D here at BG East. While the fans are no less appreciative of his great looks and humpy body, time after time the young stud has found himself immobilized at the end of the match while someone elseâ??s arm is raised in triumph. Too often Donnie has felt the humiliation of looking up at someone flexing over him. Too many times Donnie has limped back to the locker room after another defeat. Too many times has Donnie had to listen to the laughter and snickering of the other wrestlers after another failure in the ring. And while it's true that he 'took a walk on the wild side' in his successful crushing of rookie Mike Pitt on Demolition 13, it wasn't Donnie's true style or calling, despite the accolades heaped on him by a very impressed Boss! And so all of these things drove the young man back into the gym to work on his body, to lean it down and tone it up. He worked harder at training, honing and refining his skill and his natural talent. He even consulted a sports therapist to help keep his mindset positive, to control his emotions and the negativity that so frequently leads to a loss.

Beefy hunk Jaxx Oâ??Doul has enjoyed a lot more success in the BGE ring that Donnieâ??and Donnie would do well to take a look at Jaxxâ??s career and study it, as well as Jaxx himself. Jaxx always has his emotions under control, and from the moment he climbs through the ropes he has a laser-like focus on the job at hand. And far more often than not it is Jaxx who is standing at the end of the match, his arms flexed overhead in victory. Heâ??s not a trash talker, and he doesnâ??t have to run his foes down to amp himself up for the match. He just gets into the ring and gets the job done. From his first BG match right off the high school mats to his success on the indy scene to his forays in mixed martial arts, Jaxx has proven himself a true warrior, and in the passage, has accrued a huge fan following. This match between two matchless peers was inevitable and long anticipated by the fans.

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Donnie Drake vs. Jaxx O'Doul
26 minutes
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