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  Lobolito vs. Kid Vicious*

Lobolito - 6', 180

Kid Vicious - 6', 172

Lobolito forced to suck some speedo

Vicious clothesline into the pool

Lobolito tries to escape but Vicious clamps a clawhold onto his balls!

A Highly Combustible Mix, or, Just Add Water and Stir!

When Lobolito got his mask ripped off and his handsome face exposed by Cage Thunder in Masked Mayhem 3, it was only a matter of time before the heel brigade set their sites on the little Latino wolf. Lobolito relaxes in the BG pool one evening after a 'training' session with The Boss. Little does he know that he's not there to be trained; he's there as a plaything for The Boss' top hanchman! And when KV strips to his black speedos, revealing a new buffed up body, Lobo is NOT displeased with his fate! "Victim!" KV greets Lobolito, who continues to float around in the water oblivious. With a splash, Vicious cannonballs into the pool and wraps his python-like arms around the swimmer and dunks him.

Dragged into the corner, Lobolito finds himself getting his head squeezed in by Vicious' muscular thighs. "Are you trying to kill me?" pleads Lobo, his hardening cock showing through his sexy wet trunks, exciting and inspiring Vicious to even more submergings. With KV's foot grinding into his boy's balls, Lobolito begs, "Please stop!" Will Vicious relent? Oh hell no. Scissoring him between his legs, he twists Lobo's nipples and works his bulge. A fierce gut punching ensues before Vicious dumps his human toy into the shallow end.

Lobolito gasps for air when Vicious locks on another tight headscissors, forcing him underwater and dragging him around the pool like fish bait. Just when he thinks he'll get a moment to catch his breath, Vicious wraps his big hands around the latin boy's neck and chokes him until he begs for mercy. KV's idea of mercy is an over the knee boner-exposing backbreaker that drives Lobo to tears. With headlocks, sleepers, torture rack, a below water boston crab this match splashes onto the screen with high energy and intensity. "I give, Sir! I give, Kid Vicious!" pleads the worn out, turned-on jobber, but it's not over till Vicious says it's over. Lobolito gets stretched, dunked, slapped, collared, ball bashed, abused and beaten to a pulp, as Vicious taunts and tortures the hapless humpy hispanic before settling into a rubber float with Lobo trapped at his feet. Vicious-style foreplay!

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Lobolito vs. Kid Vicious*
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Dunk The Clown: Lobolito head sicssored between KV's quads

Boned & bulging jobber up in a rack

Vicious frames Lobolito's face

Sexy backbreaker over both knees

Lobo gasps for air in KV's full boston

Bearhug becomes a breathless dunk

Dunk The Jobber! Lobolito dripping wet and gasping for air in KV's big breathless bearhug

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