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  Austin Cooper vs. Jake Jenkins  

Austin Cooper - 5'9 165 lbs

State championship rematch @ BGE!

Straps down, rules out the window

Oh, is that your head I'm sitting on?

Despite dripping in sweat, Austin muscles Jake up into a suspended surfboard submission! Wow!!

A Summer Night's Fight To Settle A Score

We like to think summertime belongs to BG East. Sure, we've got our thumb in all the seasons, but summertime brings out the bruiser in a man, rising to the surface, smelling of workout sweat and salty hormones. Suntans are nice. New love is grand, even if it's just a two-month fling. White sandy beaches lining coke-bottle green waters can make a person dream of paradise on earth. And, of course, there's not a damn thing wrong with a week or two of not waking to the alarm clock and not sweating through thirty minutes of traffic just to work your butt off, putting cash in other people's pockets. But we all know, deep down, that summertime is for fighting. It's the time of year to catch a dude's eye across a crowded gym, or down the beach, or even in a mall and just dare him to come over and start something. It's the season of short fuses and BG East.

"Remember when we were in high school, and we couldn't do full nelsons?" Dark-haired Jake Jenkins beams as he mounts former teammate Austin Cooper's back. "Well, we're not in high school anymore." And thus begins one of the most epic - and beautiful - mat matches in recorded BG East history! There's history here between these two mighty mat men - the rivalry, the exhilaration of triumph, the utter dejection of crushing disappointment, the heady sensation of complete invincibility and the stomach-churning of demeaning humiliation - and it's all going to come back to bite both of these young mat gods in their too-beautiful butts! It's the next chapter in their ongoing story.

Jake's arms slip under Austin's, and he almost laces his fingers together against the back of the neck when Austin wrests himself free - or almost free, one arm still snagged against Jake's sweaty chest. Since they last tangled with each other, Cooper gained an extra ten pounds of muscle - and ten pounds can be enough to keep an eager grappler from completing a cheap and potentially dangerous hold that's outlawed in every respectable amateur rulebook. For the first five minutes, everything is grins and chuckles as they reacquaint themselves with the hard terrain of each other's body and the smell of each other's slippery skin. But even from the start - you can see it in the flashes of light in their eyes as they size each other up - they have an itch for something more than a straight by-the-book tussle. And they've both come well-armed and well-prepared...

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Austin Cooper vs. Jake Jenkins
36 minutes

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Jocks in jock-thongs! Jake gets drawn and quartered and stretched out on display

Jake grinds a forearm into Austin, targeting his back with weakeners

Jake Jenkins - 5'7 155 lbs

Bridging during the tilt

Pounding Jake's chest & abs

Never did this in high school!

Austin's full weight is planted: Jake screams out in submission during a revenge full Boston crab

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