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  Z-Man vs. Kid Karisma

Z-Man comes into his own

Z pushes up for more scissor pain

Oh my! A superplex! Only @ BGE

Cocky pouch to face muscleboy pin

Z-Man proves he's got the ring chops as he lifts Kid K up high for a massive vertical suplex slam

FANTASYMEN 33-Muscle Pros: What's It Going to Take!?

Kid K showed up for this match determined to prove that he could out-class, out-think, and out-wrestle Z-Man from start to finish. Z-Man, however, has plans of his own. Not taking kindly to Karisma's opening sneak attack, he launches a blur of hip tosses, body slams and drop kicks that knock the sneer right off of Kid K's face. He retreats outside the ring to regroup, reluctantly acknowledging Z-Man's skills. But he just can't help but deliver one of his infamous barbed wire taunts. "Considering you're so pretty, you sure smell like shit!"

Kid K's mouth keeps digging the hole deeper and deeper as he provokes Z-Man to new heights of highflying punishment. Each insult, each dirty break by Karisma inspires a fresh wave of offense that keeps the Kid rocking. Z-Man reverses a posting attempt and instead sends the Kid crashing into the corner so hard the entire ring shakes. Suplexes and drop kicks to Kid K's upper chest (major air!) softens the red-headed hunk for an agonizingly tight body scissor. Karisma flops like a fish as Z-Man rolls him around the ring trapped between his powerful thighs, slamming the hunk every which way into the mat.

An elbow drill deep and low catches the Z-Man off guard, breaking the hold and sets Z-Man up for a seriously brutal, single-minded, and unflinchingly merciless assault on his core. Fists, huge flying knee drops, stomps, and elbow drops break down the hunk's exquisitely crafted abs. Taunting and gloating, Karisma digs in deeper with lingering strolls overtop of Z-Man's abs, grinding his boot heels slowly into the hunk's midsection. Dragging him up by that "pretty hair," Kid K lifts Z-Man into the air for a suplex, but drops him belly-first across the top rope, leaving the breathless fitness mode hanging like the laundry.

"Nice!" Karisma admires Z-Man's ass perched vulnerably over the rope. With a chuckle, he asks, "How's it hanging, buddy? Looks damn good from over here!" Another glance at Z's backside, and Kid crows, "Oh, yeah, definitely very, very pretty." Karisma throws everything he's got at the "pretty boy." He does power squats in the middle of the ring with Z-Man hanging limply across his broad shoulders. An airplane spin followed by a body press overhead sets up another belly drop from high altitude across Karisma's outstretched knee, leaving Z-Man in the fetal position. After taking everything and the kitchen sink in Kid K's arsenal of gut punishment, Z-Man still kicks out before Karisma can smack down a 3-count pin. Kid K is visibly unnerved. Z-Man is most certainly pretty, but he's tough as nails, and when everything you've got can't finish a man off, what do you have left?

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THAT'S gonna leave a big mark! Spanking the Z-Man's beautiful butt

Adding insult and more injury to an already painful situation. Clutch and claw the Z-Man's package!

Sweat drips through rippled abs

Suffering in Z-Man's big arms

Huge forearm smashes to the pecs

Ab abuse: Big flying knee drops

These abs were made for punching, stomping, kneeing, and belly drops onto the ropes & on the knee

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