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  Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Stephen Vale*

Wake up and feel the camel!

Where am I?

BBW feeds his victim

Stephen licks boot

Wake and Worship!

Stephen's Dream... Or His Nightmare?

Poor, pretty college boy Stephen Vale is having a tough time getting any rest. He was knocked out cold on WrestleShack #4 because his snoring kept Slade Groman awake. Here he wakes from a dream (or is it into a dream?) to discover an engineer boot beside his face. Half awake, he kisses the boot of the dark shadowy leather-clad figure. A black gloved hand pulls Stephen up by his hair. Shedding his black leather biker jacket, Bodywrecker reveals his heavy metal chain harness then abruptly slaps Stephen out of his reverie. Stephen worships this god-monster: biceps, armpits and on both sides of his leather chaps, groin and butt. The BBW rides cute Stephen like a pony then ties him to a post. His mouth becomes a garage for a whip handle, a leather glove, an athletic sock (with the foot still in it!), a bare foot and a cock throbbing hot'n'hard. Water is drizzled down on his head. A chain further binds him to the post as a hot hard dick is brandished before his eager lips. Lead back to his bed on a leash, he is ordered to "Sit, boy, sit!" and "Lie down!" Suddenly Stephen finds his face enclosed between two massive thighs and a hot hard dick is jammed into his mouth. As the headscissors pressure increases and the BBW repeatedly slams his big legs down around the prep-boy's pretty face, Stephen again wonders whether he is awake or asleep'or somewhere in between'as both men moan and groan, one in agony, the other in ecstacy as the BBW shoots a dripping load onto his leather wrist band. One of the longest, hottest and tightest headscissors is followed by a brutal camel clutch which morphs into a constricting knock-out sleeper. When next his eyes open and he sees above him the imposing figure of the Brooklyn Bodywrecker in the nude, poor Stephen is once again left wondering whether he is conscious or not. If it was a nothing but a dream, the subtle smile on Stephen's face suggests that it wasn't a bad one after all! Wild!

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Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Stephen Vale*
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Sleep tight

Headscissors heaven

Lick the Master's muscle!

Trapped and force-fed

BBW smothers Stephen

How about a boot to the groin?

Caught in muscled thighs

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