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  Shane McCall vs. Rob Mullen with Dex Sutton  

Rob Mullen

Dex Sutton

Rob throws Shane

Shane abuses Rob's abs

Dex and Shane take command

Caught in the Act!

Dex became Shane's "mentor" in Dark Knights 1. Shane schedules some side action with Rob Mullen while Dex is out. Rob doesn't even get out of his street clothes before the two go at it in an amazingly intense apartment fight. Rob's white bike shorts show his great butt. Ball-grabbing, intense backbreakers over the knee and across the shoulders! As Rob screams in submission, uniformed Dex appears! Dex takes command, stripping shirtless as Shane strips Rob nude. He displays Rob in holds for his boss' delectation, then they dress the defeated muscleboy in leather. Dex demands muscle worship, but the two spunky boys attack their Master -- only to get scissored, choked, tortured and abused by the big boss.

SHANE: 5'11" 170 lbs.
DEX: 6' 190 lbs.
ROB: 5'7" 155 lbs.

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Shane McCall vs. Rob Mullen with Dex Sutton
41 minutes
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Dex observes as Rob applies the pain

Rob rams his fist into Shane's gut

Shane McCall

Rob's camel clutch

Dex discovers Shane's 'toy'

Dex dominates the boys

Dex and the boys!

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