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  Magnus vs. Surge*

Mighty Magnus - 6'4, 230 lbs

Masked muscle pose off

Schoolboy muscle crotch worship

G-string bearhug forces has Surge breathlessly feeling Magnus' pecs

Like a bee to nectar: Mighty Magnus flexes his hard body while Sexy Surge worships him

Massive Man Muscle Mismatch, or, Magnus Serves Surge

The Boss always has an eye out for new wrestling talent. He finds some of the most promising wrestlers in the most unexpected of places. Sometimes, they find him.

Magnus and Surge are underground wrestlers, both with the same specialty: muscle domination. They each offer their services to clients with a particular taste for being conquered and controlled by a massively muscled beast. As you might imagine, business is brisk for both of these stunning specimens, but comparisons between the two are unavoidable. A war of words broke out between them in the personal ads. Insults were exchanged. Challenges proclaimed. And The Boss found these two bodybuilders standing on his doorstep with gear in hand and a score to settle once and for all, with the BG East audience as judge and jury over which muscle titan is #1.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, The Boss booked Magnus and Surge into the BG East matroom immediately. In yellow square cut trunks and mask, Magnus is first out of the dressing room and into the matroom. He's one of the biggest wrestlers BG East has ever seen! Flexing for his own pleasure in the mirror, Magnus towers 6'4" tall and carries an astonishingly ripped 230 pounds of thick, rock hard muscle stretched across his massive frame. His muscle definition is astonishingly cut, and every inch of his bulging physique is traced in spiderwebs of intricate veins. His physical presence seems to fill up the matroom like no other BG East wrestler has before.

When Surge enters the matroom in his zebra striped trunks and matching mask, he pauses at the sight of Magnus' stunning lat spread. Surge is a physical trainer by day and an incredible physical specimen as well. With bulging pecs and shoulders so wide he needs to turn sideways to get through most doors, Surge is accustomed to being the biggest and baddest muscle stud in any room. The look of awe in his eyes is hard to miss, however. Five inches shorter and 45 pounds lighter, Surge takes his first long look at his competition out of street clothes. Without a doubt, Magnus poses the biggest challenge of Surge's muscle domination career. For his part, impressive Magnus is himself impressed at this perfect muscled opponent...

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Magnus vs. Surge*
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