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  Blaine Janus vs. Rafael Valmor  

Blaine Janus - 5'9, 155

Rip n' strip wrestling

Rafael reels from a crotch claw

Tit-twister counter to a bodyscissors

Man to man, bulge to bulge, mouth to mouth: Rafael's bulbous butt and sweaty, sexy, full body press

Initiation into the Erotic Art of Wrestling

Blaine Janus has been working up a head of steam lately. The handsome, shockingly blond, blue-eyed Canadian has a taste for the art of erotic wrestling. He's earned his reputation for wrestling with absolute unrelenting intensity. He's also well known for exploiting any advantage on the mats to stroke, squeeze and take carnal delight in a battered opponent's body. Blaine intimately understands the intuitive connection between wrestling and the erotic, and he keeps coming back to BG East hungrier for more.

When it comes to appreciating the erotic art of wrestling, however, Blaine may have met his match in smoldering rookie Rafael Valmor. Rafael is a striking contrast to Blaine, with his curly black hair, dark brown eyes and dark complexion. But they appear perfectly matched in amorous intent as they study and stroke one another in the opening moments of this match. They start out teasingly, playfully even. They trade turns yanking down each other's soccer shorts. But the fun and games quickly dissolve into an intense confrontation to determine which one of these two hungry hunks is going to end up on top.

Blaine takes the early advantage, applying precisely prescribed doses of pain with a breathtaking bodyscissors. The grunting rookie battles his way out, only to be quickly wrapped up in a rear choke hold, providing Blaine the opportunity to stroke the palm of his hand up and down the Rafael's flat stomach. The soccer shorts don't last long, as both wrestlers quickly strip one another down to their sexy undergear. It's clear that both hunks are determined to have as little as possible separating their lean, hot bodies.

Sweat quickly lubricates the action as they strain against one another for the upper hand. Blaine manages to schoolboy pin the rookie's shoulders and slides his crotch up and down Rafael's ripped abdomen, demanding a submission. Rafael grudgingly concedes the first fall, and Blaine celebrates by lustfully lapping at the handsome rookie's nipple. When Blaine leans in to plant a kiss across his mouth, however, Rafael abruptly shoves him away.

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Blaine Janus vs. Rafael Valmor
38 minutes
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