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  Cameron Matthews vs. Austin Cooper

Amazing Austin

Choking Cam on the ropes

Pressed down and pounded: Cam brings it

Coop in control: Cam rolled up tight for a pin

Cameron grindin his boots into the big hunk


Cameron wants to prove he's finally left his own 'jobber' days behind; he's put on pounds of muscle just to bring this new studstar down! Determined to match each other move for move, Cameron Matthews and Austin Cooper enter the arena at the same instant. These two classic babyfaces-in-blue size each other up, expressionless as their eyes ride up and down the length of each other's toned bods. After Cam flips over the top rope into the ring, Coop can't enter the ring in any other way. "I see you're ready," Cameron says. "Born ready," Austin replies. Not a smile to be seen, no funny, teasing smirks, just pure business: two serious athletes, rule bound and resolute. It's intense.

Cam asserts his dominance early, catches Coop off guard and slams him down to the canvas. Coop gets back up. Cam throws him down again. Austin bets Cameron that he can't throw him a third time. In a flash, Cam has Cooper down on the mat for a third time. Cameron almost smiles, saying, "Double or nothing?" Austin says, "Yeah." And in less than a minute, Coop has slammed Cameron three times in rapid succession. Austin backs Cam to the ring corner for a no-nonsense drubbing that's intense and prolonged, and then he tosses the veteran right out of the ring. "You're a lot better than I thought you'd be," says Cameron, rubbing the back of his neck and trying to catch his breath. "Yeah," Austin replies, tersely. He has heard that sort of thing a lot since starting at BG East.

Sweating and limping slightly, Cameron calls for a timeout. In response, Austin flies over the top rope and smashes Cam with a crossbody block that drives them both to the unpadded floor. "There's no time out," Austin states flatly and starts choking Cameron on the middle rope! Has all the shit-talking made Austin a rule breaker? He props Cameron's head on the middle rope and leaps into the ring, dropping his leg to the back of the man's neck. He pulls Cameron inside and goes for the pin, but Cameron won't let himself be pinned. This precipitates a slugfest. "No more," Cameron gasps. In a display of awesome upper body strength, Austin then lifts Cam up into an overhead press. As if to increase the humiliation factor, Austin ostentatiously raises and lowers Cameron's body, boasting that, for him, this is just an everyday workout. "Put me down," Matthews begs at first. Then, getting testy, he growls, "You know who you're messing with?" As if to confirm the bad reports Austin had heard in the BGE gym, Cam rakes his fingers across Austin's eyes, forcing his release!

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Cameron Matthews vs. Austin Cooper
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Sweaty sadism: Cameron makes a break with his past to punish the superhunk

Cam drives his forearm across Austin's pretty baby face

Muscular Mr. Matthews

Austin's balls get trampled

Cam driving a boot into the midsection

Seasoned pro Cam using the ring to full advantage

Grimacing in Cameron's chinlock, Austin might be forced to submit

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