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  Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Billyboy*  

Brooklyn Bodywrecker

BBW & Billyboy face off

BBW's demolition continues

Erotic pin

Bound, blind pec punishment

Billy has been a bad boy! Once the Bodywrecker's "boy", he returns after rival Clint Morgan throws him out. BBW's revenge on Billy is brutal: his face spat on & forced into BBW's sweaty armpit & beefy pecs, a boot pressed into his balls and across his throat! Billy's pummeled on the ropes, choked and dragged around the ring. Billy's ripped abs are pounded, punched, kneed, clawed, his phenomenal butt split by the rope, his balls squeezed, his face forced into BBW's crotch. Slaveboy Billy is forced to chew BBW's tits, gets taped & blindfolded into the turnbuckle for pec, ab and ball blows, stripped for a cock'n'ball handcuffing! Nude backbreaker, dildo-spanking, and Billy is the Bodywrecker's boy again.

BODYWRECKER: 5'11" 190 lbs.
BILLYBOY: 5'9" 180 lbs.

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Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Billyboy*
41 minutes

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